Wilson Bishop is a guard at Blackgate Penitentiary.


As Jim was being attacked by Henry Weaver and his men in F Wing, Wilson ran in and shot his gun to make them desist and puts Weaver into the "hole." While back on laundry duty, Gordon is told by Wilson to be "ready" tonight. After he and another contact in Blackgate Penitentiary were contacted by Carmine Falcone, Wilson and an unnamed inmate assisted Jim with breaking out of Blackgate by telling everybody that he died after being stabbed by an inmate (who secretly wielded a fake knife). They transport Jim to the ambulance operated by Harvey Bullock, but Jim tells him that he needs to go back for Peter Davies. Jim is confronted by Carlson Grey, but the warden is knocked unconscious after Wilson appears from behind him and knocks him out. Wilson then has Jim hit him as well, so he wouldn't be suspected. Before being knocked out, Wilson told Gordon not to hit him in the mouth since he just had his teeth straightened.[1]


Season 2


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