"The Wayne name still has meaning. It's a symbol of light and hope."
Bruce Wayne to Kathryn Monroe[src]

The Wayne family is one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Gotham City.


Nearly 200 years ago, the Waynes were one of the five families that ruled Gotham high society along with the Dumas, the Kanes, the Crownes, and the Elliots. After Caleb Dumas was falsely accused of forcing himself upon Celestine Wayne, his hand was cut off by Celestine's brother Jonathan Wayne and the Dumas' family holdings were seized and they were banished socially. The Dumas were forbidden from being mentioned by the press on orders from the Wayne family and streets and buildings were renamed that then carried the Dumas name.[1]

Present day

"Now, Bruce's father gave me very firm orders was him and his missus to die. Now I will raise the boy the way his father told me to raise him."
"Which is how?"
"Trust him to choose his own course. He is, after all, a Wayne.
Alfred Pennyworth and Jim Gordon[src]

After leaving a show together, Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered, leaving their son Bruce as the last known surviving member of the family.[2] Unknown to them, Hugo Strange, the man who had ordered their deaths had actually created a clone of Bruce Wayne whose features closely matched that of the boy. 

Known family members

Known allies


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