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Wayne Manor is the ancestral home of the Wayne family since 1914. The Queen Anne-style colonial manor lay on the outskirts of Gotham, featuring lush woodland on its north-facing perimenter and a long gravel drive ending in wrought-iron gates. 

Bruce Wayne lived there with his parents, Thomas and Martha, and their butler Alfred Pennyworth. Following the murders of the elder Waynes, Bruce and Alfred lived alone. The Manor has since been infiltrated at least six times afterward and was later destroyed by carefully-laid explosives put in place by Jeremiah Valeska during the No Man's Land event. Ten years after Gotham’s reunification, Wayne Manor has been rebuilt.


Wayne Manor was infiltrated by a group of hired thugs working for Hugo Strange who were charged with stealing Thomas Wayne's files pertaining to Strange's experiments. They subdued the gate guard Nigel Hayward and disabled the Manor's security system. They were interrupted by Thomas Wayne, who fired and wounded at least one of them. The wounded intruder, Byron Stone, was about to kill Thomas when he was taken out by Alfred Pennyworth.[1]

Wayne Manor was invaded by Larissa Diaz a.k.a Copperhead in an assassination attempt against Selina Kyle, who was staying there as the prime witness to the Wayne murders.[2]

Alfred's war buddy Reginald Payne sought refuge in the Manor, although unbeknownst to Bruce or Alfred; he was hired by Wayne Enterprises to spy on Bruce. Alfred caught him caught red-handed in the study, Reginald stabbed him, and fled into the night.[3]

Bruce and Alfred discovered a secret passageway behind the livingroom fireplace which led to a cave containing equipment and computers used by Thomas Wayne in his investigations of Wayne Enterprises.[4][5]

The Manor was invaded by Theo Galavan as Azrael who attempted a second time to sacrifice Bruce in accordance with the Order of St. Dumas teachings, which demand the Dumas take revenge against the Waynes. Oswald Cobblepot came to the resuce by ordering Butch Gilzean to explode Theo with a bazooka in retaliation for Theo killing his mother.

Bruce and Alfred returned to the manor after a stint in Switzerland to research the secret council controlling Gotham. A mysterious assassin called Talon invaded the Manor, knocked Alfred unconscious, and kidnapped Bruce.

Following the cataclysm, Bruce and Alfred were unable to return to the Manor due to the destuction of Gotham's bridges. Jeremiah Valeska invaded the estate by tunnelling in with the help of the  Soothsayers. Once this was done, Jeremiah kidnapped Alfred, brought him to the Manor, and ordered him to clean it up for Bruce's arrival. After manipulating Bruce with two captives who looked identical to his parents, Jeremiah rigged the Manor to explode and fled. Alfred survived by taking shelter in the tunnel to the Cave.

Alfred later tracked down the original blueprints with the intention of rebuilding it the way it was.

Ten years after the end of the No Man’s Land event and Gotham’s reunification to the mainlands, Wayne Manor has been succesfully rebuilt, as Bruce sent a message through Alfred to Commissioner Gordon and Detective Bullock from the manor that he couldn’t come to see the GCPD searchlight turning on because he is ,,otherwise engaged’’.

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  • While most of the interior shots for Wayne Manor were filmed at Steiner Studios, the Webb Institute in Glen Cove was utilized for exterior filming. Gotham marked the second continuity to use Webb Institute as the filming location for Wayne Manor, with the first being the Joel Schumacher movies Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997). After the end of Gotham, Webb Institute once again reprised its role as Wayne Manor for the 2019 movie Joker.


  • A Shakespeare Bust can often be seen on the fireplace mantle at Wayne Manor's study.[6] This is an allusion to the 1966 Batman TV series, in which the bust included a hidden switch that could unlock the secret entrance to the Batcave. Gotham set decorator Andrew Baseman included the Shakespeare Bust and the suit of armor displayed at Wayne Manor as an homage to Wayne Manor's appearance in the original 1966 Batman TV show.[7]
  • In the episode "The Anvil or the Hammer", the address of Wayne Manor is briefly shown on an envelope. It is revealed as being "1007 Mountain Drive", which was the same address that was also stated to be Wayne Manor's location in the 1993 episode The Demon’s Quest from Batman: The Animated Series.[8]


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