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"Stan designed pharmaceutical weapons to be used by combat troops. Drugs that worked on an epigenetic level. Imagine an army made up of soldiers so strong that they can tear a man apart with their bare hands. Of course, at the beginning, there were side effects. But Viper was the first batch. They worked out the kinks in the second version, called it Venom..."
Isaac Steiner to Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock[src]

Venom is the second version of a prototype pharmaceutical drug known as Viper. It was created by former WellZyn biochemist, Stan Potolsky.


When visited by Detectives Gordon and Bullock, Isaac Steiner recalled the history of the drug's creation. Venom was cited to be a fixed version of Viper, without any of the side effects.[1]


Season 1


  • The green mutagen used by Hugo Strange to transform Eduardo Dorrance into Bane in "I Am Bane" acts similar to the comic book version of Venom, where it is portrayed as a drug that Bane uses to temporarily enhance his strength. Shane West identified the chemical as Venom in an interview with BUILD.[2]
  • Venom first appeared in the eponymous Batman: Venom (1991), set in Batman's early years as a crimefighter and detailing how he became addicted to the drug for a time, in an attempt to overcome his physical limits after watching a little girl die as he failed to save her. An advance version of Venom was introduced in the landmark storylines Batman: Vengeance of Bane and Batman: Knightfall, and it has since been largely associated with Bane.


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