Vargas was an officer of the GCPD and a member of the Strike Force.


Assault on Galavan's penthouse

After Penguin, Gordon, Bullock and several other allies of Penguin and of Bruce Wayne invaded Theo Galavan's penthouse to save Wayne and take out Theo Galavan and the Order of St. Dumas. Nathaniel Barnes, Vargas and several other Strike Force members arrived and joined the battle. Barnes and Vargas entered Galavan's room while Galavan was being held at gunpoint by Gordon, they surrounded Gordon and Barnes told Gordon to let them do this "the right way". Gordon pleaded with Barnes, claiming that the all the politicians and judges would support Galavan and that Galavan would end up unpunished. Gordon eventually accepted to surrender, but Penguin suddenly arrived and knocked Barnes off with a stone pot. Before Vargas could do anything, Gabe arrived with a shotgun and forced Vargas to surrender.[1] Gordon later turned up at the headquarters and confessed almost everything (though he lied about not being involved in Galavan's death) where he mentioned Vargas by name.[2]



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