I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but some a-holes are messing up our wiki! THe Edward Nygma page is gone! The Bruce Wayne name has been polluted, charcaters are being put in categories they shouldn't be in, fan boys are creaming over characters AND THE LAST THING I WILL STAND HAS HAPPENED. Someone put a picture on Oswald Cobblepot's page! And it was Headhunter, now someone needs to get a new pciture for Oswald's page! I. AM. FED UP. And who the f**k is Bruce Lee and Edward Brogan! Oh so Admins please respond!!!! Take ActioN! This is your wiki!!!!!!!!! BSeriously they scum bags need to get god damn banned soon or else I'm gonna f**kin leave. seriously this s**t's gone too far! 

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