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Oh so this is something I need YOU to do... Check if I'm right with this; So in episode 2 of Gotham we find out that Arkham has been closed for 15 years, kay? Randal Milky aka The spirit of the goat strikes about 12 years before the series begins... Jane doe is sent to Arkham -BTW that means that Harvey and Dix where only partners for like 3 years! If I'm right- Now I know what your thinking! Clearly she was sent after Arkham was closed, and then re-opened and experimented on by Hugo Strange . But... not necessarily. We don't no how old she was when sent so, she was about 7 when her mother killed her father right? So put that up against right before dix loses his legs and she'd be about 10 and 1/2, and this is Gotham city so maybe 10 1/2 was sent to Arkham... Personally I just wanted to write all that down, I don't believe it but you know... if you wanna dedicate time about thinking about it I'm not gonna stop ya'.

PS. 2-3 Blog posts per week now... sorry...

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