I get it, the show needs to end eventually. After all, Bruce is already a teenager, if they just make new episodes, he will eventually end up being an adult. I feel like in season 4, they added a lot of villains that come later in Batman history like Hangman, (Sofia Falcone,) Ra's al-Ghul, and potentially the Joker. Traditionally, these are not people that exist when Bruce is still young, at least in their villainy. They would be the same age as Bruce, give or take. I think if I were the producer of this incredible show, I would have found a way to start it when Bruce was a little older, if possible. Maybe then, it could be turned into a full-fledged Batman show. Then, this wonderful portrayal of these traditional Batman characters could go on. I love the style of this show, it is not made to portray the villains as complete villains, and focus so much on the hero stopping them and saving the day. You actually get to be entertained by what the villains do; some of my favourite scenes in this show are when Tabitha and Barbara are in their club discussing plans for taking over Gotham, and when they do things like casually shooting their enemies in the head. Though unthinkable in the real world, this dark, non-heroic show is definitely on my frequently watched list. I would honestly like it if this could be rebooted on Netflix or Hulu with the same cast, but I feel like it would be incredibly hard based on the number of viewers at the moment. But have hope, season 5 still has potential! I think they're killing it! GO GOTHAM PRODUCERS AND CAST! I look forward to any commments or suggestions.