Making theories on the the arrowverse wiki is the best chances to get back.  I could leave IHHeroes alon if he let back to the arrowverse wiki.

i wanted to make theories on the arrowverse wiki.

i done with cyberbully and I learn from my mistakes and never repeat never.

i almost got in trouble for post the arrowverse theories on community central wiki.  If I hasn't been locked on the arrowverse wiki and that will never happen.

i wanted to post theories on the arrowverse wiki or the form thing.

IHHeroes Please let me get back to the arrowverse.

IHHeroes You are right to blocked me for three but I had good arrowverse theories and never Willy share them the arrowverse wiki.

IHHeroes I just learn from my mistakes and I hope I can do better the next time around.

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