Undead is gang with their faces and bodies painted like skeletons, once lead by Ramos Silva.


No Man's Land

Following the Cataclysm, Ramos Silva and the Undead controlled some territory nearby Granton. Whilst Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock were traveling through the dark area of Gotham, the gang began to shoot arrows at them and almost killed them. During a confrontation with Sykes and the Soothsayers, Jim, and Harvey, Jim shot the gang's leader in the head and the rest of the members were then wiped out by Barbara Kean on a huge monster truck.[1]

Undead accompany Cobblepot, the Street Demonz, and the Lo Boyz to Haven so that Cobblepot can regain his servants.[2]

Various Undead members were later arrested by the Delta Force and imprisoned at the GCPD.[3]

A few weeks later, the Undead, Street Demonz, Soothsayers, Lo Boyz and the Leopards gathered at Gotham City Hall.[4]

Known Members

Former Members

  • Ramos Silva
  • † Unnamed Leader
  • † Six unnamed individuals

Known Enemies

Former Enemies


Season 5


  • The Undead are a reference to the Neon Gang from the 1995 film Batman Forever, a gang that also used paint that glows in the dark to make them look like skeletons.


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