Tommy Bones
Tommy Bones.png
Affiliation Maroni crime family (formerly)
Cobblepot crime family
Occupation Hitman
Status Deceased
First "The Anvil or the Hammer"
Appeared in 5 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by James Andrew O'Connor

Tommy Bones was a former member of the Maroni crime family. After Maroni's death, he later joined Oswald Cobblepot's crime organization.


Release from Blackgate

Tommy shoots Connor.

After being released from Blackgate Penitentiary, Tommy arrived at Lidia's where he reunited with Salvatore Maroni. When Irish hitman Connor and his associate failed to kill Sal Maroni, due to Oswald Cobblepot removing the firing pins from the guns, Connor's associate was gunned down while Tommy Bones killed Connor, after being given the honor by Don Maroni. Thinking that Carmine Falcone was behind the hit, Salvatore Maroni began to attack Falcone's operations, with Tommy Bones taking part in one of the attacks.[1] Later, during the attack on where Carmine Falcone was being held, after being led there by Gillian Loeb, Tommy Bones participated in the gun fight against Jim Gordon.[2]

Working for The Penguin

After Maroni's death, Bones joined the Cobblepot Crime Family. He was told by Oswald Cobblepot to leave the room along with Butch Gilzean after Jim Gordon walked in wanting to speak with Cobblepot.[3]

Later, Bones appeared at a meeting called by Cobblepot. At the meeting, Cobblepot tells his underlings to find the group responsible for destroying the statue of his mother. Bones scoffed at Cobblepot, telling him to simply fix the statue with some glue and paint. In a fit of rage, Cobblepot slammed Bones' face down into the broken statue.[4]

Being set up by Barbara Kean

Barbara Kean tells Mayor Oswald Cobblepot about The Duke and Tommy Bones thinking that Cobblepot abandoned them. Tabitha Galavan later uses Tommy Bones to call Mayor Cobblepot at The Sirens issuing a threat to him. After that, Tabitha shoots him dead upon serving his purpose.[5]


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Gotham: A City Gone Mad


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