"Have you ever been with a woman..? Didn't think so. They need a firm hand. That goes double for Kringle. Girl's got a tongue."
—Tom Dougherty to Edward Nygma[src]

Tom Dougherty was an officer at the Gotham City Police Department, and the former abusive boyfriend of Kristen Kringle.


Sitting with Kristen Kringle at his desk, Dougherty met Edward Nygma when he made an attempt to ask Kringle out on a date, though to Nygma's disappointment, she already had dinner plans with Dougherty. Striking up a discussion with Nygma, whom Dougherty referred to as 'Riddle Man', Dougherty asked him a riddle before leaving with Kringle.[1] Nygma later discovered that Tom had been beating Kristen after seeing the bruises on her arm, and confronted Dougherty about it, with the latter asking him what would Nygma do about it in a threatening manner. He was later confronted by Nygma again, who demanded that Tom leave Gotham, with Dougherty punching him in the stomach after realizing that Nygma had a thing for Kristen. Before he could do more violence, Nygma proceeded to pull out a knife and stab Dougherty repeatedly, murdering him.[2]


Nygma brought Dougherty's corpse to the GCPD, where he began to destroy it to cover his tracks. Kringle stumbled across the badly destroyed corpse while dropping in on Nygma, but he claimed the victim was involved in an industrial accident. Nygma managed to fully destroy the body and finished off smashing Dougherty's skull into pieces. He then forged a note in Dougherty's handwriting to Kringle, claiming he has left Gotham.[3]

His death was revealed to Kringle and she rejected Nygma but this led to her own death. After he was exposed, Dougherty's death was one of the charge to send Nygma to Arkham but he was released, due to Penguin and was declared sane since he did all acts in a manic state.



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