"You think I won't hurt you because you're a kid? Or because you're you?"
—Knife to Bruce Wayne[src]

Tom "The Knife" is a criminal who kidnapped both Bruce Wayne and Silver St. Cloud.


Tom was first seen planning to kidnap Bruce Wayne and Silver St. Cloud outside of Anders Preparatory Academy, peeling an apple with his signature weapon and restraining his henchmen from kidnapping Bruce Wayne as it was not a good time for it.

He and his henchmen then abducted Silver and proceeded to kidnap Bruce outside of Anders Preparatory Academy by telling him that he'd kill her if he wouldn't go with him.

At the abandoned house off the limits of Gotham City, Tom threatened to torture both Bruce and Silver if they didn't tell him what Theo Galavan knew about the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, which was what his "employers" wanted to know. He then seemingly tortured Bruce Wayne after both he and Silver denied that they knew anything, dragging Bruce out of the room by his chair.

After he had returned with a bloodied towel, Silver broke down her act and first threatened Tom and then, when he got his knife close to her fingers, revealed the name dropped in her presence by Theo Galavan: M. Malone. Then it turned out that Bruce Wayne hired Tom with the help of Selina Kyle to interrogate Silver and get the name of The Waynes' killer. Tom was paid and, after a friendly chat with Selina and Bruce, left the scene with his henchmen.[1]


Despite his deadly and vicious nature, Tom was friendly to Bruce and Selina when it was revealed that he was hired by them.


  • Torturer/Interrogator: Tom seems to be a skilled and intimidating torturer
  • Actor: Tom is also a capable actor, as he easily fooled Silver St. Cloud into believing he actually had tortured Bruce Wayne.
  • Leader: Tom is also a leader of a small group of criminals and seems to be a respected figure in Gotham's underworld.


Season 2


  • There was a character nicknamed The Knife in the Quality Comics (which merged with DC Comics) title "Feature Comics" (#78, May 1944). He was also a criminal, but a shared alias is likely a coincidence.
  • Tom's facial scars are not make-up; they are real scars borne by actor Tommy Flanagan, who was attacked outside a pub in Scotland. The wounds which caused these scars - horizontal gashes across the cheeks - are often called a "Glasgow smile", and are often associated with several incarnations of the Joker, notably the version played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.


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