An unnamed man was the great-grandfather of Thomas Wayne. He was notable for having supposedly purchased a painting from the painter Picasso. The painting went on to become a decorative piece in the Wayne Manor.


At some point in time, the man supposedly went to the streets of Seville to buy a painting from Picasso, who was a struggling artist at the time. The painting which was named Le Picador, went on to become worth tens of millions of dollars. Years later, his great-grandson Thomas Wayne would keep the painting at his home in Wayne Manor. His reason for keeping it was more for its sentimental rather than financial value.  During a break-in, Thomas would discover that the painting had been stolen, which lead him to recall the story of how his great-grandfather had supposedly acquired it. 




  • Thomas Wayne's great-grandfather was first mentioned in the Gotham tie-in novel Gotham: Dawn of Darkness.
  • The 1997 comic Batman Secret Files and Origins #1 introduced the character of Kenneth Wayne, who was Thomas Wayne's great-grandfather on the paternal branch of the family in that continuity. It is unknown however if this character introduced in the novel is meant to fill the same role or is an ancestor from one of the other branches of Thomas Wayne's heritage, with the unnamed man possibly not even being a Wayne himself.
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