Thomas Schmidt is a security guard for The Dollmaker on his remote island.


Working for Dollmaker

Thomas and his men returned to the basement seeking out a particular prisoner. However, Fish offered to surrender the prisoner in exchange for crates of water, blankets, and fruit, but Thomas refused to give them. Thomas then tells her that he'd count to three, and she'd disappear or get a beating. Fish then orders the rest of the prisoners to kill the prisoner that they had come for. After being ordered by Thomas to come with him, Fish offered to go on the term that while she went and talked to the manager of the facility, he stay there, though he refused. Thomas and his group then left, telling Mooney that he'd be back. Thomas later returned, telling Fish that the manager agreed to her terms and that he had to stay in the basement while she went upstairs. Though before she left she asked his name, with him telling her it was Thomas Schmidt. Several of the prisoners then surrounded him.[1]

Thomas was later beaten by the prisoners and his hands tied, to hang him from a support beam. Fish Mooney later returned to free him, as a show of good faith.[2]


Season 1


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