The Terrible Tweeds is a Luchadore group.


The Terrible Tweeds are a group of Luchadores that consist of five Tweed Brothers. Jervis Tetch finds the Terrible Tweeds wrestling and hypnotizes them into helping him break Alice Tetch out of the Gotham City Police Department. The brothers assault the Gotham City Police Department and successfully break Alice out, resulting in two of the brothers being killed and another one of the brothers being arrested. Dumfree, Deever and Jervis escape to an abandoned amusement park with Alice. Upon Harvey Bullock threatening to burn the masks of the two deceased Tweeds, the younger Tweed Brother cooperates with Bullock and tells him where Jervis took Alice. Jervis' blood-harvesting plot is interrupted by Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. After a long confrontation, the tension is broken up when Alice accidentally falls over a ledge and is impaled in the stomach, killing her instantly. Dumfree and Deever then escape with Jervis after the police arrive.[1]



Season 3


  • Just like in the comics, there are more than two Tweed relatives that substitute each other in the identities of "Tweedledum and Tweedledee". However, in most continuities the Tweeds are cousins, while in Gotham they are siblings.
  • There is a chance that Bullock may have killed the unnamed brothers while at the GCPD - it is not specified.


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