The Riddle Factory was a lethal game-show hosted by the Riddler in the Narrows. Volunteers would be placed in front of an audience to answer the Riddler's questions. Those who answered correctly received cash prizes, while those who answered incorrectly were put under a different form of torture depending on what the 'wheel of Punishments' would land on.


Feeling like The Narrows accepted him, Riddler started his game show to bring entertainment to both himself and the poor masses. Riddler played fair, only asking riddles that fit their intelligence. However, despite his good showmanship, everyone failed terribly. Despite the rather harsh Wheel of Punishments, everyone enjoyed the torture the failures suffered.

After Lars participated and failed, earning a baracuda stappled to his face as his punishment, Lee intervened and played to shut down the Riddler Factory. Riddler was forced to concede defeat as "I love you" was the answer to a riddle she asked and speaking them would release Ed.

Despite having to shut down his show, Riddler instead refocused his efforts on breaking into corrupt banks and giving the money back to the people.




Season 4



  • Forwards I am heavy; backwards I am not.
    • Answer: Ton
  • I can be broken without being held. Some people use me to deceive, but when delivered, I am the greatest gift of all.
    • Answer: a promise

Lee Thompkins

  • What three words are said too much, meant by few, wanted by all?
    • Answer: I love you.



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