"There's always a choice."
—Tabitha Galavan to Barbara Kean[src]

Tabitha Galavan (formerly Dumas) is the sister of the late Theodore Galavan, the ex-lover of Barbara Kean and the girlfriend of the late, Butch Gilzean. After Tabitha woke up from her coma, she opened a Nightclub with Barbara Kean called "The Sirens Club". Later, she starts to mentor a Young Selina Kyle. After learning of Barbara's resurrection, they become partners again and friends. During the No Man's Land crisis, Tabitha was stabbed in the heart by Oswald Cobblepot. Her last words were: "Barbara... don't..."


Early life

Tabitha and her brother, Theo, grew up on a seaside estate, owning several dogs and horses. They lived a joyful life until a private set of monks took Theo away from Tabitha. After learning about their ancestors, Tabitha and Theo returned to Gotham to avenge the Dumas name, killing Bruce Wayne.

Breaking inmates out of Arkham

Tabitha killed three Arkham Asylum guards, then abducts six criminal inmates.

Theodore Galavan introduces himself and Tabitha to the inmates, he then offers a chance to become brilliant outlaws in his plan. When Richard Sionis refuses Theo's offer Tabitha murders him in front of everyone.

Barbara and The Maniax

Tabitha listens to her brother, Theo, talking to Aubrey James.

Tabitha watches the Maniax doing their job.  Barbara and Tabitha enter the room, laughing and having fun torturing Mayor James. Theo is happy that Barbara and Tabitha are getting along. The two girls were bored and asked why do the boys have all the fun, Theo tells them that their time is coming. During the maniacs' chaos, James Gordon only managed to catch one of them, Arnold Dobkins. Jim was demanding answers from him, but before he was about to talk. He was brutally sniped by Tabitha from a far distance.

Barbara enters the room, where she gives Tabitha her whip seeing that she needed it. Tabitha pulls the whip from Barbara's direction and the two share a kiss. Barbara tells Tabitha to bring back bagels, Theo enters the room wanting to chat with Barbara. Tabitha kisses Barbara again, giving Theo's attention. Tabitha confronts Theo that he better be nice, then she leaves.

Meeting Oswald Cobblepot

Oswald is negotiating with the crime families, where Tabitha enters the room. Butch then sees Tabitha and Oswald dismisses the crime families. Butch then whispers in Oswald's ear. Tabitha gloats to Penguin. Telling him that her brother would like to have a talk with him 'alone' Butch becomes aggravated by Tabitha when she looks at him differently. 

Oswald meets Theo and prefers to be called Penguin, not knowing that he didn't know that he still hated that name, but Penguin said it grew on him. Theo tells that Tabitha said that Penguin has been doing a great job of organizing his empire. Tabitha laughs and says that he's not the "King of Gotham," he's the king of garbage. Oswald explains that a year ago he held Fish Mooney's umbrella, now that she's dead by his hand; along with Maroni and Falcone. That they all underestimated him, that Tabitha shouldn't make that same mistake. Theo offers Penguin a job, that he needs to kill the following people that are electing the mayor against Theo. When Oswald refuses and leaves, Theo and Tabitha show Oswald a video of his mother being held and imprisoned. Oswald then agrees.

Theo sets a meeting with Oswald. Oswald then that he would still work for Theo if he wasn't so worried about his mother. That he knows who's boss now, Theo asks what does she think, Tabitha said she wasn't listening. Theo then applies to answer no. Theo gets mad at Tabitha, for not paying enough attention, Tabitha gets bored, Theo hates when she says that. Theo questions Harrison about information about Wayne Enterprises. Tabitha then takes Harrison's eye out in part of there plan.

Tabitha has a talk with Penguin, asking why is he so glum. Penguin just lost a lot of money, Tabitha teases and gives him a new job. Oswald takes the job, but it's rarely paranoid, Tabitha suspects it and tells him to get his head together, and get it done.

Planning to Kill Penguin

Tabitha is annoyed that Theo is going to be mayor of this city. Tabitha said that Theo promises her some fun, that when is she going to unleash a little hell. Silver enters the room, asking that can she go to the victory party tonight. Theo thinks that Bruce has become very fond of Silver. That Silver needs to stay close to Bruce until Theo makes his offer. Theo still has Penguin to deal with, Tabitha interrupts and wanting to take the job of killing Penguin. Theo says no. He needs his army because he's about to become mayor.

Tabitha and Theo get a dress for the victory party. Tabitha tells Theo that putting Penguin on the cross airs are going to cover up from underground, that they can't kill him if they can't find him. Theo explains they don't need to find them, Penguin is going to come to them due to his lack of revenge.

Martinez spots an unknown shooter on the roof. Martinez tells Tabitha to turn around and put your hands up. Tabitha flirts with him, stating that she likes a strong confident man. Tabitha then uses her whip and lashes on Martinez's leg and falls down. Tabitha kicks Martinez's gun away and puts her boot heel inside his neck, killing him.

Avenging Barbara

After Barbara's plan to kill Jim Gordon failed, she was put into a coma, allowing Tabitha to set a bounty on Jim. When Tabitha visits her brother at black gate, he was deeply furious about Tabitha's move. To the point, he threatened her on the occasion. Tabitha then cancels the bounty on Jim but has regret for Theo's threat.

Betraying her brother

Theo returns to the Galavan tower, asking if she captured Alfred. Tabitha replies "nope." The two begin to argue but was interrupted by Silver when she asked Theo that can she not go to The Order of St. Dumas on attending Bruce's death. Silver then lies saying that she has a cold, Theo, knowing that she's lying. Theo then gives Silver a test, that she has to make Bruce Wayne fall in love with you all over again. Tabitha then tells Theo to leave her alone, Theo becomes emphatic towards both. 

Tabitha, Theo, and Silver attend to the Order of St. Dumas. Just when Father Carrel begins to execute Bruce, they were interrupted by Silver, telling everyone to stop. James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Selina Kyle, Oswald Cobblepot, Alfred Pennyworth, Gabe, and the others break-in, rescuing Bruce. 

Meanwhile, Tabitha, Theo, and Silver plan to escape with a parachute. Unfortunately, there were only two of them. Theo stated that Silver isn't coming, Theo begins to touch Silver, and Tabitha wacks Theo upside his head. Tabitha then straps Silver in the parachute. Tabitha pushes Silver out the window and jumps out, escaping along with her.

Relationship with Butch

Weeks later, Tabitha pays a visit to Butch. Tabitha, wanting to partner up with Butch and being his right-handed woman. Butch stated that he's not looking for a relationship. Tabitha then telling Butch that they have history, Butch then using his drill to kill Tabitha. Tabitha then uses her Karami Knife to block Butch's drill without looking. The two share a kiss, they were watched/ spied on by Selina Kyle.

Oswald enters, being released out of Arkham. Tabitha then teases Oswald's mother, even mocking her appearance (talk). Butch then tells Oswald that he can be let go, that he lost a mother, Tabitha lost a brother, and Butch lost a hand. Tabitha stated that Oswald has to die but since Butch disagrees with it. Tabitha gives Oswald a punishment.


Tabitha packs her bag, getting ready to leave Gotham. She was interrupted by Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Demanding answers about Theo's resurrected form. Tabitha then talks and allies with the cops. The threesome broke into the Dumas Crypt, finding the sword. Azarel enters, knocks out Harvey, and locking Jim out. Tabitha locks Azarel in. Tabitha tries to get through to him, she is successful. But unfortunately, Theo also remembered Tabitha betraying him. Making, Theo stabs her in the gut, putting her in a coma. Tabitha is sent to the hospital. 

Running the Sirens Nightclub

Tabitha opens a nightclub with Barbara called the Sirens Nightclub. They are propositioned by Oswald to share the profits, which she emphatically denies. Later, Butch attempted to reclaim the nightclub, ending with Barbara and Tabitha killing his men. They hired Jervis Tech, a hypnotist, as entertainment, who briefly hypnotized Barbara into loving him; earning a jealous reaction from Tabitha,

Abducted by Edward Nygma 

Nygma kidnapped Butch and Tabitha again and subjected them to a series of tortures, intent on breaking Butch's heart. Throughout, Butch seemed more concerned with Tabitha's safety than his own, and in the final test, Tabitha got her hand cut off to save Butch from being electrocuted to death. The hand was reattached.

Destroying Penguin's empire

Once learning that Penguin killed Isabella, Barbara, Edward, Butch, and Tabitha plan to dethrone Oswald.  First: Was to make Oswald lose his mind. Then take over his criminal empire, finally kill him. After Penguin takes the bait, Barbara Kean calls Tabitha, after Penguin leaves the Sirens nightclub. Tabitha then hangs up the phone, after hearing that the task is complete. Tabitha kills Tommy Bones seeing that he's not useful anymore.

Tabitha returns to the nightclub, talking to Barbara. Overviewing their plan to one another. Barbara then gloats on how Edward Nygma knew how to turn Penguin on the five families, almost feeling sorry for him. Tabitha agrees that when this is all over, she gets to kill Nygma. Barbara kisses Tabitha on the lips, making a promise. Barbara moves on to the next subject, questioning Tabitha on what to do with the rest of the families, Tabitha picked option B, kills the rest of the crew, even enjoying it.

Tabitha and Butch Gilzean arrive at the Van Dahl mansion, where Penguin enters. Tabitha then strangles Penguin with her bullwhip. Both Butch and Tabitha, demanding answers of the whereabouts of Ed. Oswald on the other hand didn't cooperate, mocking Butch. Which angered Tabitha, she then walks up and smacks him. Tabitha reminds Oswald how she killed his mother, "her crying, bleeding out." That Oswald never did anything about it. Oswald replies "yet." Tabitha denies it, saying that he had his chance to kill her. They the kidnapped Oswald, and take him to Barbara for questioning.

Later on, Barbara Kean gives Oswald the telephone demanding that he is going to call Ed, that he's alive, but finding out where he is. Oswald doesn't corporate, instead of realizing that the pain he's caused on Nygma. Giving everyone's confusing. Ed then enters the room, Oswald realizing that he's partnered up with Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch. Ed wanted to kill him for Isabella's death. Edward Nygma shoots Penguin and dumps him in the river. Barbara on the other hand becomes "Queen of Gotham." Tabitha becomes second in command of the underworld, while Butch becomes the enforcer.

Queen of Gotham

An unnamed man gives Barbara a stack of money, she then tells him that they stack feels a little light. Tabitha takes the money instead, Barbara, asking for a new pair of heels. She then wacks the unnamed man on the head with the heels. Barbara then gets a phone call from her ex-fiancee, James Gordon, asking for a favor.  Both Barbara and Tabitha travel to the location torturing a thug, demanding answers from Doc 9C. The thug doesn't corporate, Barbara then takes manages into her own hands. The thug gives Barbara the information she needed but was interrupted by a Talon. The Talon then slaughters all of Barbara's men, Tabitha and Barbara escape before they were killed by the talon.

Turning on Barbara

Barbara and Tabitha then argue at the club, saying that they don't need Nygma for anything, that he should be dead by now. Barbara disagrees, saying that they need him. Nygma appears behind Tabitha, gloating. Tabitha then threatens Edward. Barbara pushes in, telling Tabitha to cool down. Barbara tells Nygma that what was actually his plan, Nygma replied "kidnap Mayor James."  That Audrey may know about the Court of Owls. Edward requested that he needed something from Tabitha. A bomb to denoted on James.

James Gordon enters the Sirens nightclub, asking where were Nygma and Kean, knowing that they kidnapped Mayor James. Tabitha mocks Nygma's intelligence. Gordon told both Tabitha and Butch that he heard a rumor that Nygma hurt Tabitha a month ago, surprised that their both defending him. Jim makes a deal with the two, that he will take Nygma down, but gives Barbara a free pass. Tabitha lies to Gordon, saying that she doesn't know where they are. As Gordon leaves, Butch told Tabitha that she should've given Nygma up, Tabitha is annyoned saying that no one wants Nygma dead more than her, but she can betray Barbara.

Tabitha delivers the bomb to Nygma and Barbara, aggressively. Tabitha tells Barbara that Gordon came to the club, he knows everything, that she should've never got Nygma involved.

(of-screen) Tabitha tells Gordon how to disarm the bomb. 

Barbara enters the Sirens Nightclub, angrily. Barbara noticed that something went wrong, that Gordon found about the truth of Nygma before he can reveal the Court of Owls. Tabitha admits that she told Jim how to disarm the bomb, questioning Tabitha. In response, Tabitha told Barbara that she promised that when Nygma handed over the underworld she will get to kill him. Barbara yells at Tabitha and walks away. Butch gloats to his appearance, Tabitha then tells Butch to "shut up." Walks out and pushes everyone in her path.

Mentoring Selina and Confronting Barbara

Tabitha and Selina headed to a mysterious building to be greeted by a resurrected Barbara 

Despite Tabitha pulling a knife and threatening to kill her again, Barbara apologized and implored the two of them to join her at her new arms dealing business. Tabitha refused. Barbara tells Selina to talk to her.

Selina tries to convince Tabitha to join Barbara again. Tabitha asks why does she want this so bad. Selina is sick and tired of not being taken seriously, that with Barbara and Tabitha, they will be unstoppable. Ivy enters, wanting in the team. Ivy wants to be heard out, Tabitha doesn't buy what she's selling, saying that she's working for Penguin. Selina tells Tabby to cool down, she believes her. Ivy thanks Selina, but oddly tells Tabitha that she's rude. Tabitha, yells at Ivy and tells her to get out. Tabitha agrees with Barbara's terms. but will need something in return.

Selina and Tabitha return to Barbara. Tabitha tells Barbara that she needs to prove her loyalty towards her. Barbara agrees with her terms, but Tabitha insists that she will take her hand due to her losing a hand by Nygma and Butch losing a hand by Penguin.  Barbara complies, Tabitha misses on purpose, saying that she'll trust her (for now). 

The Sirens

Tabitha Galavan and Barbara Kean formed the Sirens after they saved Selina Kyle from the Street Demonz.[3]

Sometime later, the Sirens and a Speed Demonz gangster from whom they stole from gathered at the Iceberg Lounge to clear things up with Oswald Cobblepot since the Demons paid for one of Penguin's licenses. However, Oswald's bookkeeper Penn entered the room, whispering something in Cobblepot's ear causing him to scream in rage. He then ordered Penn to repeat the information for the guests. It turned out that Edward Nygma, who owes his life to Cobblepot's mercy is repaying that generosity by aping his benefactor in a crude comedy show. Due to Selina Kyle's blankness, Penguin explained to her that Nygma is making fun of him in a clown show in the Narrows. Because of him screaming all the time, Cobblepot turned around and had to calm down, causing Selina to giggle, despite Tabitha Galavan's displeasure. When he noticed Selina's amusement, Oswald started to laugh himself, but as the Speed Demonz member began to laugh in an artificial way to satisfy Cobblepot and called Nygma "Riddler", Penguin drew a knife hidden in his cane to stab the gangster in the throat. He then told the dying man that this is not his name, instead, it is simply plain dumb Ed and explains to him that he doesn't know him, so he doesn't get to laugh. Barbara Kean then thanked Oswald for solving the problem for the Sirens, but Penguin responded that what they owed the gangster, they now owe him. Cobblepot ordered them to go to the Narrows to see Nygma's act themselves, then bundle him up and bring him back to him by nightfall. When Selina told him they want something in return, Penguin threatened the Sirens by telling them that in exchange he will not send every criminal in the city after them, not let them cut out their eyes and feed them to them, along with their ears, noses, and tongues. Barbara accepted the deal in place of the whole team and left along with Tabitha and Selina. As soon as they were gone, Oswald explained Firefly, who was present all the time, that Penn will put her in contact with Cherry, his informant from the Narrows. If the Sirens do not have Ed in hand promptly, she shall go down there and burn them all to cinders. Bridgit then asked Cobblepot what about feeding them their eyes and all that to which he answered her to trust him that even though it is a good idea, it is far too messy to be practical. When the three of them managed to get Edward Nygma in their clutches, Leslie Thompkins as the Sirens pits their champion against Nygma's champion Solomon Grundy. During the fight, Tabitha tried to get Butch to remember who he was with the battle ending in a draw. Firefly showed up to finish the job following the Sirens' failure. Before she can burn the Sirens and Edward Nygma with her fires, Leslie Thompkins shot her tank where Firefly was disabled upon being sent flying into the wall. When it was revealed that Cherry was the informant to Cobblepot, Barbara shot Cherry in the head and declared that the Sirens are no longer working for Cobblepot.

Alliance with Sofia Falcone

The Sirens kidnaps Sofia Falcone to use her over-leverage on  Penguin. Because they betrayed Penguin down at the Narrows, they wanted to make a deal with him. Sofia reveals that she wasn't Penguin's friend, that he tried to kill her. Questioning Sofia why, she answered that she's been working Penguin for months, manipulating him exactly how she wanted him. Selina whispers that she might be telling the truth. Barbara denies it, saying that it doesn't matter if she is a friend or enemy to Oswald, because Oswald will still make the deal. Tabitha or Selina gets Oswald on the phone. Oswald answers, making a deal with Barbara saying that she keeps the gun shop and delivers Sofia to him. The Sirens have briefly celebrated saying "that was easy." Sofia tries to tell them that there making a mistake, Barbara and Tabitha tell her that your lying. Selina (the only realizing) that Oswald sent Victor Zsasz to blow down Barbara's weapons business. Victor then shoots the rocket launcher towards the building, although Selina warns them in time and Barbara, Tabitha, Selina escapes with Sofia.

The Sirens later kidnaps Martin. They bring him to the stand against Oswald Cobblepot for a trade. Oswald tells Martin across the surface that everything is going to fine. Sofia tells Penguin that depends on him, that if he turns over the criminal empire to her and her allies, she will let Martin live. Oswald was disgusted that Sofia will threaten and kill an innocent child, that her father will be disgusted as well. Sofia blurts out wrong, that her father will be proud. Penguin gloats and pity Sofia's actions. Oswald then submits, which makes Barbara and Tabitha smile. Sofia then tells Martin to go-ahead. Oswald then has a small talk with Martin about his feelings for him, he then tells him to wait in the car. Oswald then tricks The Sirens and Sofia by blowing up the car that Martin was in, faking his death. They began to have a gun battle. The Sirens and Sofia escapes.

They go back to the Falcone mansion, Tabitha starts to worry that Penguin is coming after them. Sofia Falcone tells them that they hit Cobblepot before he hit them. Selina gets angry at Sofia saying that she lost and Penguin blew up Martin. Sofia admits that she didn't see that coming. Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina then leave but are threatened by Sofia. Barbara Kean then takes the threat seriously. Sofia says that they need her, that Penguin may have won the battle, but tomorrow they win the war.

Destroying Penguin's empire for a second time

As Arthur Penn enters, giving instructions. The Sirens take down all of Penguin's men single-handed. Sofia asks Mr. Penn about the whereabouts of Penguin. Tabitha begins to torture Arthur in order to gain information. But sadly doesn't know where Penguin is. Sofia then gets a call from the Falcone crime family, they then go to  Carmine Falcone's mansion.  As they arrive, Sofia meets up with Carmine Falcone. Sofia questions her father on why is he here, Carmine becomes angry saying that she was not ready for Gotham. Sofia notes that Penguin is weak, that they can end this, but Carmine states that he doesn't want Gotham anymore and he's dying. Sofia doesn't believe it, that she thought that he loves this city. Carmine starts to bring up how is sleeping with James Gordon, the very man who killed her brother clean up, Gotham. This draws Barbara's attention, as Carmine slaps Sofia across the face. As Oswald enters, surprisedly. While Victor Zsasz puts Selina in a chokehold and held Tabitha & Barbara at gunpoint. The three are being abducted, but as for Sofia, she's ordered to leave Gotham.

While, Tabitha Galavan, Barbara Kean, and Selina Kyle are tied on hairs, during a gun war between the Oswald  Cobblepot's men and the GCPD. When the unnamed man was shot in the head, Tabitha made an opportunity to swing her body on the ground and attempts to grab the gun, while Barbara and Selina guide her (since her face is turned towards the opposite side) Tabitha succeed in killing both enemies. Sofia then rescues Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina.

After Penguin's downfall by Sofia, while she was at the GCPD and got him arrested. The Sirens got their club back and planned to re-do it. Although Tabitha tells Barbara that she won't be joining, as she's going to deal with something first.

Reuniting with Butch

As Solomon Grundy enters, and the continuing music plays on. Tabitha throws a knockout gas at Grundy, therefore he was knocked out. Tabitha then abducts Butch, asking what does she want. Tabitha asks Butch that when they were fighting he called her "Tabby."  Grundy then mentions Edward Nygma, saying that he wants to go back to "friend Ed." Tabitha gets annoyed when he mentions, seeing that he cut off her hand. Tabitha tells Grundy that will your best friend Ed tie you in a chair, electrocuted him, and cut off her hand. She then kisses Grundy and tells him to remember her, that she's Tabby. Grundy couldn't remember, that he's sorry. Tabitha says that she's sorry too. Tabitha then grabs the pipe that she hit Grundy previously with, seeing that worked last time but was briefly. She then wacks him on the head, until he remembers. 

Tabitha later gets tired of torturing him, so she kisses Grundy/Butch and says sorry for all of it. 

The Sirens Club gets back in business. Barbara & Tabitha tells Selina to confront Bruce about the loud noise since Selina is Bruce's ex-girlfriend. As Selina goes and talks to Bruce, Tabitha tries to handle conflict, she then tries to stop the two-man from fighting each. She slams the first man on the glass table. Ivy Pepper however gloats on this problem. Tabitha tells her to leave, Ivy says that was awfully rude, but she always was rude. Leaving a confused Tabitha. 

Tabitha walks into the room but hears grunting from Butch. She then says Tabitha's name, which she knows the torturing worked. He laughs and says it hurt. Tabby then asks what happened to him, but Butch says that he doesn't remember much, that he only remembers Barbara shooting him in the head and put into a coma. Butch then says that he's a monster, Tabitha has warm feelings. Butch only came here because of his feelings for Tabitha. Tabitha is awfully quiet, and Butch just takes that silence as a sign of nothing. He then leaves, leaving Tabitha heartbroken.

Planning with Barbara


An Unlikely Alliance

As Barbara and Tabitha watched the smoke plume from the Gotham Clock Tower, Tabitha remarks, "Good riddance." Oswald arrived, offering to undertake a joint robbery in order to finance Butch's recovery via kidnapping Hugo Strange. Tabitha implores Barbara to allow the team-up.

Tabitha, Barbara, Butch and Penguin confront Jeremiah.

Later, Barbara, Tabitha, and Penguin confronted Jeremiah and demand $50 million, to which he responded he will detonate the bombs earlier than scheduled. After their defeat, the group return to the Sirens Club and Oswald suggests the idea of bringing Butch to Hugo Strange to cure him, with Tabitha threatening to force him if need be.[1]

Battle for Gotham

At the Sirens Club, Tabitha informed Barbara that Jeremiah had escaped the GCPD and likely re-grouped with Ra's al Ghul, prompting Barbara to take out the cursed dagger as the means to kill Ra's. Oswald, Alfred, Tabitha and the Sisters of the League formed up to engage the League of Shadows.

During the warehouse fight, Tabitha strangled Jeremiah with her whip, who stabbed her and prepared to deliver the killing blow, before she was rescued by Oswald. Tabitha watched with the others as the bridges fell and Gotham burned.

Losing Butch again

Tabitha watches as Butch dies in her arms

Oswald and Tabitha returned to the Falcone Mansion, where Butch revealed his fully restored human form, thanks to Hugo Strange. The lovers reunited and confessed their love for each other, whereupon Oswald drew his gun and shot Butch in the chest. As she knelt over his dying body, Oswald said explained that he took away the one person she loved in return for killing his mother, years ago. Tabitha rushed him, vowing to kill him, and he shot her in the leg. Oswald told Tabitha that he believed in an eye for an eye and wants her to suffer the same pain he felt until she was ready for him to end her life. Tabitha was then taken away by his men.

No Man's Land

The Siren's lair.

Tabitha returned to the Sirens Club, where Barbara was being towed by male members of the League. Upon seeing her, Barbara declared that men were the true source of corruption in Gotham and designated Siren's territory as a "NO MEN" zone.


Tabitha's corpse.

With the Sirens comfortably holding ground in Gotham, they agreed to trade food for bullets with Oswald. However, Tabitha still resented him for killing Butch, so she raced to intercept a downed supply helicopter containing Oswald's supplies. In the ensuing firefight between Sirens and Oswald's men, Tabitha shot him, the faulty bullet broke apart, and he stabbed her. To Barbara, Tabitha's final words were "Barbara, don't."[2]



Barbara promised during Tabitha's funeral, that she will be the one to kill Penguin. Tabitha's death leads to a dreadful moment towards Barbara, to the point that Barbara would rather die than forget about Tabitha's legacy.  But after seeing innocent people getting murdered, Barbara began to get more of her humanity back. later in Season 5, she was pregnant with Jim Gordon's child, slowly when she was about to kill Penguin, her gut couldn't handle it. So, Barbara abandoned her revenge, in order for her not to have an ill child. But as when Barbara told Penguin "that she will never forgive him for killing Tabitha."


"My sister is too blunt. But she is honest."
Theo Galavan to Oswald Cobblepot[src]

Tabitha shows numerous traits of a sadist, as well as those of a sociopath, and relishes pushing people's buttons, almost regardless of the danger. She seems less calculating than her brother and more prone to act on impulse although she does become less reckless in later seasons. She is shown to be flirtatious with anyone she finds attractive but can also develop an emotional attraction to others, which was demonstrated when she sent assassins to kill James Gordon for putting Barbara Kean in a coma, and when she defends Silver St. Cloud from Theo Galavan. This shows that she draws the line at harming family members or at least those who aren't a threat as she had no problem turning against Theo for mistreating them.

Tabitha has a low tolerance for those who threaten her with violence, as she impulsively attacked Alfred Pennyworth after he interrogated her about the whereabouts of Bruce Wayne, and she left Theo Galavan to die after he threatened her and Silver St. Cloud.

Despite betraying Theo, she still seemed to care for him and was angry at Oswald Cobblepot for "killing" him. When Theo returned from the dead as Azrael, she attempted to get through to him and even reminisced about their childhood before the monks took him away.

Despite her frequent attempts to act indifferent towards Butch, she also seems to harbor affection for him, even going so far as to allow herself to be mutilated to save his life.

Because of many facts, including Barbara's toxic insanity, Butch's death and a confrontation with Lee (mutated by Tetch virus) who reflected her own cruelty, Tabitha seems to act with less impulsivity and more calm or conviction. She later ends up becoming more open regarding her feelings towards Butch, trying to find a way to restore him. Her affection towards him also resullts in her death after Oswald stabs her after she tried to kill him.


  • Peak human condition: As an assassin, Tabitha is the top physical condition.
  • Expert combatant/Martial artist: Tabitha was highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, which she infuses with gymnastic flair. As she fought many of her opponents, with extraordinary techniques. 
  • Skilled knife-wielder: Tabitha is a skilled knife-thrower, wielding with precision and versatility. 
"Word is, you're quite the deadeye yourself."
The Lady[src]

  • Expert markswoman: Tabitha is a very skilled markswoman. Using several fireams; such as Snipers, Assault Rifles, etc.
  • Manipulation: Tabitha was a talented persuader, seducing  Butch Gilzean to become his right-hand woman and a key player in Gotham's criminal underworld. She also likes to distract her opponents by flirting with them.
  • Bomb Disarmer: Tabitha was a capable enough bomb disposal to dictate to Jim Gordon over the phone how to disable an explosive threatening Aubrey James.
  • Whipwomanship: Tabitha is very skilled at using the bullwhip to wrap it around someone's neck.
  • Crossbowship: In Season 5, Tabitha is finally using her signature weapon, referring to her villainous counterpart in the comics. Tabitha uses the crossbow on Penguins men, during her attack on her target.


  • Bullwhip: Tabithas used a black bullwhip to perform her signature move - strangling a victim by wrapping the business end around their throat. 
  • Tigress outfit: Tabitha's combat outfits were varitations on a black leather bodysuit with ulility pouches and high-heeled boots. The material offered flexibility and room to conceal knives and other projectiles. Her heeled boots were capable of stabbing a victim through the jugular. 
  • Guns/Firearms: Tabitha weilded handguns and assault rifles, as well as sniper rifles.
  • Karambit knife: A karambit knife was Tabitha's offhand weapon, which she kept hidden in the top of her boot in the event that she olst her whip. 
  • Combat knife: Tabitha used a combat knife to kill Oswald's mother.
  • Crossbow: Tabitha used a crossbow to kill Cobblepot's henchmen during her attempt on his life.


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  • In DC Comics, Tigress is a legacy supervillain persona passed down from the original, mother to daughter. In Gotham, the title of Tigress is occupied by Tabitha alone.
    • Had the show continued beyond the shortened season 5, Tabitha would have fully embraced her super-villain identity as the Tigress during the No Man's Land storyline. When the show was only given one final shortened season, her arc had to be abandoned and the character was killed off in the season premiere.[3][4]
    • While Tabitha did not fully transform into the Tigress as originally planned, she was previously called "The Tigress" in the episode "A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself" and referred to as "The Tiger Lady" in the season 2 episode "Rise of the Villains: By Fire". In "Year Zero", Tabitha is also finally seen using a crossbow during her attack on Penguin's men at the warehouse. In DC Comics, the Tigress' crossbow is the signature weapon of the character.
  • Tabitha's appearance, particularly her debut outfit, is reminiscent of Catwoman in the third season of the Batman TV series (1966-1968), portrayed by actress and singer Eartha Kitt. Her weapon of choice, a whip, is also a nod to Catwoman.
    • As such, Tabitha becomes a young Selina Kyle's mentor and teaches her how to wield the whip.
    • She is the second openly bisexual character, following the first being Barbara Kean
    • She is the sister of the late Theodore Galavan, making Theo the oldest.
    • She is the final member of the Galavan Family to be deceased, the last remaining member is Silver St. Cloud.


  • Tabitha's appearance and choice of clothing is extremely similar to Larissa Diaz (Copperhead) from Season 1. Her costume and hairstyle also has some similarities with Nancy, who also wore a similar face mask as the one previously worn by Tabitha in "Rise of the Villains: Tonight’s the Night".
  • Tabitha was the triary antagonist of Season 2, a supporting antagonist in Season 3, and an anti-hero in Season 4 and season 5.


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