"There's always a choice."
—Tabitha Galavan to Barbara Kean[src]

Tabitha "Tabby" Galavan, also known as Tigress,[1] was the sister of the late Theo Galavan who vowed to cleanse Gotham City by avenging the Dumas family which they were both descendant of. Following Theo's original death, she became involved in the criminal underworld and teamed up with Butch Gilzean and Barbara Kean. After Tabitha recovers from being attacked by a resurrected Theo, she opens up a nightclub known as The Sirens Club with Barbara on Oswald Cobblepot's land. Tabitha later forms an alliance with Butch, Barbara and Edward Nygma to overthrow Cobblepot and take the criminal underworld for themselves, which they succeed at. However, Tabitha and Butch become fed up with being mistreated by Barbara, which results in them planning to overthrow her. Barbara finds out and kills Butch, and gets into a scrap with Tabitha which leads to Tabitha killing Barbara.

Following this, Tabitha (who now has nothing) begins to mentor and train a young street thief named Selina Kyle. For unknown reasons, Barbara was resurrected by Ra's al Ghul through the Lazarus Pit and, using Ra's resources, Barbara sought out help from Tabitha and Selina and offered them an opportunity to work alongside her in the weapons business.

When Butch is changed back to normal, she confesses her love for him and is happy until Oswald shoots and kills Butch, in front of her as part of his convoluted scheme to get revenge on Tabitha for the killing of his mother. A vengeful Tabitha is shot as well but Oswald spares her as he wanted Tabitha to endure the emotional pain she put him through. He then allows her to be taken away and swears to kill her after her pain has reached its limits. During No Man's Land, Tabitha is stabbed in the heart by Penguin and killed.


Early life

Theo along with his sister Tabitha, grew up in an estate by the sea, owning several dogs and horses, until the monks took Theo away. When Theo returned determined to retake Gotham, Tabitha joined him.

Breaking inmates out of Arkham

Tabitha bulldozed her way into Arkham Asylum to break six inmates out, killing several guards while doing so. Later at a penthouse, Tabitha's brother, Theo, introduced himself and her to the kidnapped inmates, offering them the chance to become a team of brilliant outlaws, that would make Gotham City tremble. After Richard Sionis refused, becoming jealous that Theo touched Barbara Kean, Tabitha killed Sionis on the orders of Theo, an act which she clearly enjoyed.[2]

Tabitha watched as the Maniax killed people by tossing them off of a roof. The next morning, she and Barbara worked together to torture Mayor James by whipping him constantly until he hit a wall. Theo expressed how happy he was to see Barbara and Tabita getting along. Tabitha said she and Barbara were bored, and Barbara asked why the boys get all the fun. Theo told them their time was coming and then asked if they had killed the mayor when he didn't move. Tabitha whipped the mayor across the chest, and he screamed in pain.[3]

Tabitha and Barbara had a relationship, which Theo realized when he saw them kissing. Later Tabitha saw Barbara kissing Theo.[4] Tabitha and Barbara went on to claw their way to the top of the Gotham food chain after teaming up with Edward Nygma to kill/ severely weaken Penguin. In the end however Tabitha and Barbara fight to the death( Barbara's) and Tabitha falls in with Selena Kyle after Selena is spurned by Bruce Wayne and they are currently unknown in their present positions.

Conflict with Penguin

Tabitha approaches crime boss Oswald Cobblepot and invites him to meet her brother. Theo plans to use Oswald in his scheme in taking over Gotham. When Oswald refuses to work with Theo, it is revealed that Tabitha and Theo have kidnapped his mother Gertrud Cobblepot and show him a video link where she is imprisoned in a cell. Oswald decides to cooperate and kills mayoral candidates that Theo wants out of the way in order to give him a greater chance at being elected.[5]

Oswald comes up with a scheme to get his mother back, so he orders his henchman Butch Gilzean to pretend he wants an alliance with Theo in order to gain information on his whereabouts, and even cuts off Butch's hand to make his defection look convincing. Regardless though Theo knows that Butch is working against him, and Tabitha attacks Butch and alters his conditioning put upon him by Victor Zsasz so he is now free from Oswald's command.[6]

Butch leads Oswald to his mother's location where Tabitha and Theo are waiting. Butch betrays Oswald by shooting his two underlings, and although Oswald begs Theo to release his mother Tabitha stabs her in the back, killing her. Oswald attacks Theo with a knife and Tabitha attempts to gun him down but misses with every shot and Oswald escapes by smashing through a window. When Theo is elected mayor and is at a party to be sworn in Tabitha watches from atop the capitol ready to sharpshoot Penguin when he comes however Penguin expects this and comes with an army of look alikes. Not only Tabi but the GCPD are all protecting the new mayor. When Oswald has Theo at gunpoint and tries to negotiate with Jim Gordon to let him kill Theo, Tabitha shoots Oswald in the arm. Oswald manages to escape from the authorities and goes on the run, although is severally wounded.[7] He ends up hiding in an abandoned cabin in the forest and being found by Edward Nygma and nursed back to health.

Attempt to avenge Barbara

After his games Theo decides to allow Barbara to kill Jim Gordon. Barbara kidnaps Jim and takes him to the Gotham Cathedral where they were meant to get married. Tabitha kidnaps Jim's girlfriend Leslie Thompkins and brings her to the church. When Jim escapes and shoots Tabitha's men, she ends up taking a bullet to the arm and makes her escape. Shortly after Jim gets into a fight with Barbara which causes her to crash through a window and later fall, in which she is injured and taken to hospital.[8]

Angry by this Tabitha decides to get revenge on Gordon and meets casino owner The Lady to put a hit out on Gordon. But this plan doesn't work as Gordon is able to hold his own against the hitmen and arrests one of them. Tabitha goes to meet Theo in prison (after he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Aubrey James), but he is angry at her for having a contact put on Gordon. He informs her that the Order of St. Dumas are about to arrive in Gotham City and if she pulls a stunt like that again he will slit her throat, much to Tabitha's shock.[9]

Betraying her brother

After the Order of St. Dumas arrive, a released Theo kidnaps Bruce Wayne "The Son of Gotham" in order for him to be sacrificed and avenge the Dumas' family name. But Tabitha begins to have contempt for Theo, especially after his treatment of their niece Silver St. Cloud. Tabitha is present during the ceremony in which Father Creel prepares to kill Bruce, but it is interrupted when Silver shouts for them to stop, and later a joint operation including Gordon, Oswald, Selina Kyle, Alfred Pennyworth, Harvey Bullock and other gang members working for Oswald attack the Order members. Tabitha, Theo and Silver escape to his office and plan to parachute out of the building and escape, although it is shown he only has two parachutes, which he intends for only him and Tabitha to use. Theo attempts to strangle Silver but Tabitha comes to her rescue and attacks her brother. Both Tabitha and Silver then parachute out of the building, leaving Theo at the mercy of Gordon and Oswald.[10]

Alliance with Butch

A month following her brother's demise, Tabitha goes to meet Butch who is now running the criminal operations in Gotham after Oswald was accused of Theo's murder and became a fugitive. She persuades Butch for them to start a partnership and the pair start making out, in which unknown to them they are being watched by Selina.[11]

Tabitha was present with Butch when Oswald Cobbleplot showed up to beg for Butch's forgiveness for what was previously done to him. Although Butch forgives Oswald, Tabitha states that Oswald still needs to be punished.[12]

Butch Gilzean later found Barbara Kean sleeping in his house as Tabitha stated that Barbara "has come home."[13] However Butch became uneasy when Barbara appeared to have sanity slippage and kept changing channels, although Tabitha insisted she was harmless. When Barbara went to make a drink for them, Tabitha was shocked to see on the news that Theo was back from the dead and donning a warrior-like costume.[14]

Fearing Theo wanting revenge, Tabitha packed her bags and planned to leave Gotham, much to Butch's distress as he believed he had done something wrong. Before she could leave however Gordon and Bullock arrived and wanted answers on Theo. Tabitha revealed that what Theo had become wasn't like her brother, but a warrior named Azrael, due to the way he moved and dressed. Tabitha decides to form an alliance with the officers and shows them a Dumas crypt in Gotham City where her and Theo's grandfather is buried with Azrael's ancient sword. After arriving at the crypt, Theo arrives and kicks Gordon out and knocks out Bullock. Tabitha locks the doors to prevent Theo going after Gordon, and tries to get through to him and make him remember his previous life. However this causes further problems as it only jolts Theo's memory that Tabitha betrayed him, and he stabs her with Azrael's sword and leaves to finish the Order's mission in killing Bruce Wayne. Tabitha is later taken to hospital where she is in a coma. Oswald arrives at the hospital while Butch tells an unconscious Tabitha how much he loves her. Oswald forms an alliance with Butch to finish Theo once and for all, and they subsequently kill him at Wayne Manor by incinerating him with a rocket launcher.

Pressumably she woke up and recuperated. She also ended her relationship with Butch.

Running the Sirens Nightclub

Some time later she decided to open a night club with Barbara and called it "Sirens Nightclub". While running the club, Penguin made a proposal for them which they denied stating that they are big girls and can hadle themselves.

Some time later Butch sent some people to take back their territory which ended up in both Barbara and Tabitha killing all of them except the boss Boris. When they called Penguin, he asked why was he attacking them which ended up in Barbara deducing it and Butch getting caught. Penguin killed Boris, the boss of the guys that Butch sent and stated that she was only alive because of Butch.

Some time later Jervis Tech, a hypnotist made a show at the club. She stated that she wanted something "more whimsy" and he hypnotized a man into standing in the back of a chair and after the show Barbara started talking with him. Jervis Tetch hypnotized Barbara into loving him; Tabitha responded with a face of jealousy at first but then, he rejected her as part of the show. Tabitha knew of Barbara's extreme reaction to rejections, and pulls her away from Tetch, before leading the applause for his act with the crowd.

Tabitha was taken hostage by Victor Zsasz, under persuasion from Edward Nygma, in order to persuade Butch to expose himself as leader of the red hood gang. When Nygma's scheme works, Butch is captured, but Tabitha, evidently still harboring feelings for him frees him from his captors. The two flee and go into hiding together.

Just before opening the club one night, she was having a drink with Barbara when Jim Gordon came in, demanding to know the whereabouts of Jervis Tetch. Barbara starts teasing him, but he shoots the alcohol off the table. Tabitha is despleased and threatens him, but Barbara gives him the information he wanted, and he quickly leaves.

Upon becoming convinced that Butch is responsible for Isabella's death, Edward Nygma tracks the pair down and drugs their food to capture them. Once he has them in custody, he proceeds to subject the two to a series of sadistic punishments, intent on breaking Butch's heart. Throughout the torture sequence, Butch seems more concerned with Tabitha's safety than his own. The last of these punishments consists of a small custom-made guillotine that is designed to chop off Tabitha's right hand unless she uses her left one to push a button that will stop the guillotine but kill Butch. At first Tabitha states that she does not truly love Butch and intends to kill him and spare herself the pain. However, Butch replies that it doesn't matter to him, as he is only concerned for her safety. Swayed by her Butch's love and concern for her, she instead sacrifices her hand to save his life. After the two are released from Nygma's clutches, the hand is reattached at a local hospital, but she has trouble using it. The two vow vengeance against Nygma, but later join forces with him to bring down Penguin.

Destroying Penguin's empire

Some time later she is seen with barbara arriving with nygma and it was revealed that basil was the ghost from Penguin. She did not want to make a big deal and simply send him to the cops but Barbara and Nygma ignored her.

She later kills Tommy Bones as he was not useful anymore. She then goes back to the club and talks to Barbara about killing Nygma but Barbara persuades her with a kiss. She than kills the mobsters.

One night along with Butch she captures penguin taunts him about the night she killed his mother and takes him to Barbara. When she starts flirting with Butch and Barbara shuts them she is displeased but she laughs when Nygma comes back and surprises Penguin.

Turning on Barbara

After Barbara became the queen of Gotham, Tabitha assisted her as a right hand torturing or interrogating the people Barbara told her to. When Jim asked Barbara a favor she and Barbara went to a warehouse and started interrogating people when a Talon assasin from the Court of Owls slaughtered all of Barbara's men and they both escaped.

Few days after, when she was talking to Butch at the club, she got mad when she saw Nygma on the club. When she asked Barbara what is he doing here she told her that he was helping her find out who was above her in power. Later that day, Jim showed up at the club and questioned her about Barbara , encouraging her by reminding her that she hates Nygma. Butch told her that Jim was right and that Barbara doesn't care about her anymore.

After bringing a stolen bomb to Barbara and Nygma, she got even angrier and did not give it to Nygma willingly, Barbara called her and she ignored her. Later, she had a change of heart and called Gordon, telling him how to disarm the bomb which lead to Nygma failing and being captured by the Court. Afterwards, barbara got to the club looking for Tabitha angrily but she stood up to her and told her that she didn't keep her promise of her killing Nygma. Butch happily told her that Barbara changed and she left angrily.

Some time later, Ivy Pepper visited the Sirens club hoping to find Selina Kyle. Ivy started talking to her but she got annoyed and told her that she heard she was on the hospital in a pretty bad shape.

Still angry at Barbara, Nygma showed up at the club and told them that Penguin is alive and might be coming after them. While Tabitha and Butch disagreed, Barbara agreed on helping Nygma. They tracked down penguin, but he along with ivy escaped, however Tabitha managed to capture Selina. Later when they were questioning Selina, Barbara made Tabitha and Butch leave saying that "the adults needed to talk" which resulted in them becoming even angrier at Barbara.

They convinced Selina to tell them were Penguin was hiding in return of money. Selina tricked Ivy into telling them were they were and when Penguin wealized that it was too late. When they were about to kill Penguin a truck showed up, Barbara asked alarmed if this was a trap, but then Fish Mooney showed up with armed men and answered "no not quitly", took Penguin and left. Butch replied "women always know how to make an entrance" which called Tabitha's attention.

Mentoring Selina

into the streets of Gotham to beat up several thugs that were located in a nearby alley. Using her whip and her fighting skills, Selina beat up all of them but turned her back to one combatant she believed to be down. Before the man could attack her, Tabitha knocked him out from behind. She complimented Selina on her performance but also reminded her to never turn her back on an enemy.

The two headed back to Tabitha's place where they were suddenly confronted by Victor Zsasz. Despite holding guns, Zsasz claimed that he has come in peace. He stated that the two were hard to track down, and, looking over the run down apartment, asked Tabitha why she lives like that when she used to be rich. Tabitha reminded him that Penguin stole her club and Zsasz replied that Tabitha killed Penguin's mother, so they should just call it even. Tabitha asked Zsasz why he has come and Zsasz reminded her that every criminal in Gotham now needs a license from Penguin. He then invited Tabitha to come to the opening of Penguin's new club, "The Iceberg Lounge", the next evening. where she is supposed to "kiss the ring" and get her license. Zsasz then left the apartment after implying that Tabitha doesn't really have a choice. Once Zsasz was gone, Tabitha claimed that the two need to find a new place immediately, but Selina stopped her and tried to convince her that it is in their interest to join Penguin. Tabitha, however, sternly claimed that she will not work for Cobblepot and ordered Selina to pack her things. When Selina headed to the opening alone to swear loyalty to Penguin, Zsasz confronted her and asked her why she has come alone. To the surprise of both, Tabitha revealed herself and told Zsasz that Selina has not come alone after all. Before she could swear loyalty to Penguin, however, a gang attacked. During the chaos, Tabitha disarmed Zsasz and took his gun.[15]

After both Tabitha and Selina have received an invitation to a building in Gotham, the two met up on the entrance. Heading inside, both were surprised and shocked when they were welcomed by none other than Barbara Kean. Tabitha didn't understand and stated that she killed Barbara. Barbara replied that this is Gotham, after all, and that Tabitha should check for a pulse next time. Galavan replied that she will do exactly that after she has slit Barbara's throat. She drew a knife but did not yet engage. Barbara told both of them that she is back in Gotham and that an opportunity - a new beginning - is awaiting all three of them. Barbara then came closer to Tabitha and apologized, claiming that not a day goes by she doesn't wish that she could take back all she did. Tabitha holded her blade to Barbara's throat but Kean kept talking, offering a heartfelt apology and allowing Tabitha to kill her should she choose to. The conversation then came back to business and Tabitha stated that it is quite unoriginal to start another club in Gotham. Barbara replied that his is not a club and pulled a lever, revealing hidden cabinets inside the walls that are filled with high-tech weaponry. Barbara claimed that with Penguin owning the city and issuing licences, every criminal in town would turn to her for weapons. She offered both Tabitha and Selina to join her but Tabitha furiously refused, claiming that she can never get back what Barbara took from her. She stated that Barbara can consider herself lucky that Tabitha didn't burn the place to the ground and stormed out of the building.

The Sirens

Back at their place, Selina Kyle tried to convince Tabitha that joining Barbara is in their interest. Tabitha wanted to know why Selina wanted this so badly. Selina replied that she is sick of being treated like a useless child and that joining Barbara is their best move. Suddenly, a voice behind her agreed and Tabitha pulled her gun and aimed it at her. The source of the voice was revealed to be Ivy Pepper, who wanted to talk. Tabitha refused, claming that she is Penguin's lapdog. However, Ivy claimed that she hates Penguin and wants to get back at him and the men who treated her badly.

Tabitha didn't believe it and ordered Ivy to get out. She then told Selina to get word out to Barbara; Tabitha was ready to talk business but needed something from Barbara in return. The two returned to Barbara's store where Barbara confirmed that Tabitha could ask anything of her in return. Tabithat demanded Barbara's hand - as both she and Butch lost one during the battle of Penguin, Nygma and Barbara. Now it is Barbara's turn to lose one. Barbara agreed to the terms but in the last moment, Tabitha moved the cleaver so it missed Barbara's arm. Claiming that she will trust Barbara for now, Tabitha left the building again.[16]

Tabitha Galavan helps the renegade faction of the League of Shadows to resurrect Ra's al Ghul. Using Selina Kyle, Tabitha captures Bruce Wayne and his blood is used in a ritual to bring Ra's back to life. Ra's al Ghul is disappointed that Barbara Kean's ambition with the power of the Demon's Head is limited and moves to take the power back from her. After using the power to see the future death of Tabitha, Barbara willingly gives up the power to Ra's to save her life. Barbara and Tabitha reconcile, and the female League members continue to serve her.[17]

An Unlikely Alliance

The next day, Barbara and Tabitha had a drink at the Sirens Club, both looking out of the nightclub's main window at gray smoke spreading from the position where the Gotham Clock Tower used to stand. Barbara revealed that she liked the Clock Tower and thinks it's destruction is a shame. She further explained that Jim took her there on a date once, but now they are both up in smoke. Tabitha said it is a good riddance and Barbara told her that Gordon always wanted to die a hero. However, Penguin then entered the Sirens Club out of nowhere, explaining that was Jim's problem. Thereon, the Sisters of the League immediately drew their blades. Butch Gilzean along with the captured and Over the course of the next three months, Tabitha trained Selina. After she deemed her ready, Tabitha sent Selina bleeding Jongleur entered the room behind Cobblepot. Oswald moved on and smiled while telling them that he would rather live well. Haughty, Barbara asked if that isn't little Penguin and Butch's corpse. Ashamed, Butch and Tabitha quickly greeted each other. Cobblepot revealed that Jeremiah Valeska is the man responsible for the recent fireworks, before turning to Tabitha, noting amused that he is the twin brother of Galavan's old associate Jerome. He then explained that Valeska has plans for Gotham and that he and Butch learned about them due to the "courtesy" of this gentleman, whereon Oswald patted Jongleur's shoulder. Obviously, Jongleur got heavily tortured by Cobblepot and Butch, therefore Jongleur told Barbara and Tabitha that they ripped out his fingernails.

Laughing, Penguin told them that he believes that this is a golden opportunity for cash and glory, revealing that normally he would keep both of them for himself. He then said that unfortunately he finds himself a bit short of the necessary manpower. Oswald then looked around in amusement and added "Or womanpower, if you will", before offering Barbara to go fifty-fifty on the take. She however rejects his plan, telling him that she will pass regarding an alliance with him. Penguin commented that her decision is pity, since he had hoped to finally be able to cure Butch of his condition with the money they were gonna make. Exactly as he had planned, this drew Tabitha's attention, whereon she asked him what he meant by that. The Penguin then explained that Hugo Strange ran Indian Hill and that it was Indian Hill's toxic sludge that turned Butch into a mutant, so it is only logical that Professor Strange can fix Butch. However, he then noted that it won't be cheap. Butch looked at Tabitha and told her that Strange might be his only hope. Demanding, Galavan turned to Barbara and looked into her eyes, but she ordered her to stop looking at her like that. Upset, Tabitha told her that she almost got killed fighting Barbara's ex-boyfriend's rotting corpse and shee thinks it is time to return the favor. Reluctantly, Barbara agreed, but she insists that Swamp Boy keeps his funk ten feet from her at all times. She now turned to Oswald, asking him what he had in mind, whereon a mischievous smile appeared on his face.

Barbara, Tabitha, Butch and Penguin confront Jeremiah

Tabitha, Barbara, Butch and Penguin confront Jeremiah.

Later, they all confront Jeremiah while holding one of his men hostage. They demand $50 million from Jeremiah and he strangely agrees very fast, however, he then throws a grenade at the group and they back off with their hostage being blown up. Jeremiah then tells them that he is detonating the bombs earlier than scheduled just because they messed with his plans. After their defeat, the group return to the Sirens Club and Barbara gives Tabitha and Butch a full bottle of alcohol, Penguin then explains that it was worth the risk and Barbara threatens that he should limp out while he still can. However, as he begins to leave, Butch stays behind as he doesn't even know where Strange is but Penguin explains that he knows and gets held up by the throat by Butch, angry that he didn't tell him. Butch then demands Penguin to take him to Strange but Penguin doesn't know how they will pay them. Tabitha then threateningly explains that she can be very persuasive.[18]

Battle for Gotham

At the Sirens Club, the Sisters of the League were preparing for the inevitable battle while Tabitha informed Barbara that Jeremiah had already escpaed from the GCPD building by the time she got there. Thereupon, Alfred Pennyworth entered the nightclub and confirmed Tabitha's statement before asking where Ra's al Ghul is. Barbara then guessed that Ra's helped Jeremiah kidnap Bruce, so Alfred came to the Sirens Club to find Ra's. Alfred asked her a second time to tell him where Ra's is, but Barbara revealed that she doesn't know where he is, but where he is gonna be. She explained that Ra's is planning to leave Gotham tonight, after turning the city to a pile of rubble. Barbara then assumed that Jeremiah Valeska will help Ra's before suggesting a deal to Alfred and Tabitha. She proposed that Galavan gets to kill Jeremiah, Alfred gets to rescue Bruce and Barbara herself gets to kill Ra's. In disbelief, Pennyworth asked her how she plans on doing that, whereon Barbara revealed that she has got a little surprise for him, while she patted a small case containing the reassembled cursed dagger of Ra's al Ghul. Right then, Penguin entered the room, carrying a machine gun and telling them that he has one question for them.

While Pennyworth pulled his gun and the Sisters of the League drew their blades, Oswald continued talking and wondered whom he gets to kill, revealing that he wants to join the battle on the side of the Sirens organization. Mischievously smiling, Cobblepot explained that the only way to keep Butch on Hugo Strange's operating table was that Oswald promised him that he would take Gilzean's place and come to help the Sirens. Barbara then took the case with the cursed knife while noting that now they make quite the little gang. She then asked her allies to follow her by saying "Let's do this", whereon the Penguin, Alfred, Tabitha and the Sisters of the League left the Sirens Nightclub along with her. A powerful resistance alliance against the Valeska/Ra's al Ghul collaboration had formed, ready to defend Gotham City and engage the League of Shadows.

Shortly after, Barbara Kean along with the cursed knife arrived at the building where Ra's al Ghul, Jeremiah Valeska, Bruce Wayne and the League of Shadows were preparing to watch Gotham City's destruction. At first they think Barbara came alone, however, Penguin then started screaming and shooting a machine gun at the League, while the whole alliance of Tabitha Galavan, Alfred Pennyworth and the Sisters of the League appeared behind him and began battling Ra's al Ghul's men. During the battle, Ra's managed to defend himself against Alfred and the knife wielding Barbara and then asked her if she will never learn, but she finished the sentence for him, telling him she gets that the knife has to be held by Bruce Wayne only, before attacking him once again. At the same time, Jeremiah takes Bruce hostage and shoots a member of the Sisters of the League, as Tabitha's whip ties his hands together, allowing Bruce to free himself. Galavan then laced her whip around Jeremiah's throat, trapping him in stranglehold and forcing him to his knees in front of her. She told him that this is for Selina, but before she could harm him somehow, Valeska managed to draw Tabitha's own knife and stabbed her leg. Surprising her with this attack, Valeska then grabbed Galavan, threw her on the ground and tried to crush her throat with one hand. While lying on her, he came closer and closer to her eye with the knife he held in his other hand, smiling sadistically while telling her that it must be very disappointing for her to die like this in case she wanted to avenge Selina.

Right then, Valeska got shot in his shoulder by the Penguin, who participated in the fight near them. Surprised that out of all the people it was Cobblepot who saved her life, Tabitha looked at him in confusion, not knowing yet that he only kept her alive for his completely different intentions that he still plans to implement in the same night. After knocking out Palden, Bruce now tried to fight Ra's, but he as well as Barbara and Alfred got defeated instantly. While Ra's al Ghul was busy with fighting Alfred, Barbara forced Bruce to hold the cursed blade along with her, before ramming it into Ra's stomach. This event even caught Valeska's attention, who was still lying on the ground from his gun wounds and now looked at them in astonishment. While cracks out of fire and ashes arising from the wound started to tear Ra's body apart, he looked at Barbara Kean, saying "Well done, Barbara". Right then, the sound of an explosion shook the whole city, drawing the attention of Barbara, Bruce and Ra's, as well as the horrified Oswald Cobblepot and Jeremiah Valeska, latter one smiling savagely as one of Gotham's main bridges collapsed into the Gotham River in a force of fire.

But this should not be the last one, since multiple other bridges followed the same fate, crashing into the water after their connections to the mainland gave in to fire and explosions. Shocked by this sight, Penguin, Barbara, Tabitha and Alfred witnessed power failures affecting the fallen city. Right then, Ra's drew Bruce Wayne's attention by grabbing him by his shoulders and sinking to his knees at the same time. Ra's looked into his eyes and told him that the choice is now his, that he can either stay Bruce Wayne or accept his destiny and become Gotham's dark knight. While Ra's al Ghul's body turned into ashes and fire and his voice became disfigured, he bend back one last time before a storm of lava hit him, incinerating him and leaving only the cursed dagger behind that fell onto the ground. Horrified, Bruce then turned his head towards the burning city. By this point, Jeremiah Valeska had already taken advantage of the general chaos and confusion. He had managed to escape the building into the night of the abandoned city, remaining on the loose. The battle for Gotham was over and the alliance against Valeska and Ra's had failed to prevent the city's downfall.

Losing Butch again

Butch killed by cobblepot

Tabitha watches as Butch dies in her arms

Shortly after, Penguin and Tabitha return to the Falcone Mansion, where Galavan immediately holds a blade to Hugo Strange's throat and asks him where Butch is and what he did with him. However, Gilzean then stepped out of the shadows behind her, with his human form now completely restored. Touched by the cure, both lovers reunite by confessing their love for each other and sharing a passionate kiss. Butch then turned to Cobblepot, who was watching them in glee the whole time. Butch told Penguin that he will never forget this and that he is there no matter what he needs. Oswald thanks him and tells Butch that he considers him a friend. However, he then confesses that he is truly sorry to the confusion of Tabitha and Butch, right before pulling out his gun and shooting Butch in the chest. Butch collapsed on the floor, instantly dying in Tabitha's arms. From the other end of the room, Penguin softly asked the shocked woman if she really thought he had forgot that she murdered his mother, that if he had just got over it. Oswald then reveals that he had lived with that pain every day for the past few years.

Moreover, he explains that he could have killed her anytime he wanted, but that he believes in an eye for an eye. She took away the one person he loved, so he took away the one person she loved, something she should get used to live with. Enraged, Galavan ran to Cobblepot in order to kill him, but he casually used his gun a second time and shot her right in the leg, causing her to kneel down in front of him from the pain. Still in disbelief and shock, she asks him if all of this finding Strange, curing Butch, was all so he could kill him in front of her. Penguin confirms this and then looks right into her eyes, telling her that she shouldn't worry, since he plans on killing her too, but only in time when he feels that she has suffered enough. Full of hate, she tells him that this won't happen if she kills him first. Gloating, Cobblepot says that she is welcome to try, before having her carried out of the Falcone Mansion by two of his henchmen, while Tabitha is still groaning and threatening to kill Penguin. Oswald then looked at Butch Gilzean's motionless body, somewhat feeling sorry that he had to kill his old friend in order to get his revenge.

No Man's Land

The Siren's lair

The Siren's lair.

After being shot, Tabitha is dragged back to The Sirens Club where Barbara was being bowed down to by three male members of the League. When Barbara spotted Tabitha was injured, Tabitha explained what happened and Barbara declared that men were the true source of corruption in Gotham and that they would no longer accept them in their lives. The three members are then slaughtered and hung in front of The Siren's territory with the message, "SIREN'S TURF, NO MEN".


Tabitha's corpse

Tabitha's corpse.

87 days later, the Sirens still retained their territory and negotiated with Penguin, with the Sirens getting weapons from him in exchange for food. However, Tabitha was still mad about what happened months before, when Penguin killed Butch. When the Wayne helicopter was shot down, Tabitha went to intercept it as it landed in the territory that the Lo Boyz claimed. Penguin was already there, so Tabitha took the opportunity to avenge Butch's death by killing him. Tabitha killed all Penguin's men and eventually shot Penguin, but the bullet that hit him broke due to bad manufacturing, so he stabbed Tabitha in the heart. As Barbara showed up and found Tabitha dying, Tabitha's final words were "Barbara, don't."[19]


Barbara swore to avenge Tabitha's death by killing Penguin and promised to rip his heart out and then feed his guts to the rats.[19] Her death would also lead to a heartbroken and withdrawn Barbara to have one last tryst with Jim Gordon, which lead to the birth of Barbara Lee Gordon. Penguin's plan to find Hugo Strange to cure Butch, only to kill him as revenge to Tabitha for murdering his mother, sets up most of the events of the final season, as Hugo Strange was contracted by "Eduardo Dorrance" to put a chip in Nygma's brain, not known by Oswald, who said the only reason he brought Ed back was he felt gulit at killing Butch, and brought back him back because besides Butch, Ed was the only friend he ever had.


"My sister is too blunt. But she is honest."
Theo Galavan to Oswald Cobblepot[src]

Tabitha shows numerous traits of a sadist, as well as those of a sociopath, and relishes pushing people's buttons, almost regardless of the danger. She seems less calculating than her brother, and more prone to act on impulse. She is shown to be flirtatious with anyone she finds attractive but can also develop an emotional attraction to others, which was demonstrated when she sent assassins to kill James Gordon for putting Barbara Kean in a coma, and when she defend Silver St. Cloud from Theo Galavan.

Tabitha has a low tolerance for those who threaten her with violence, as she impulsively attacked Alfred Pennyworth after he interrogated her about the whereabouts of Bruce Wayne, and she left Theo Galavan to die after he threatened her and Silver St. Cloud.

Despite betraying Theo, she still seemed to care for him and was angry at Oswald Cobblepot for "killing" him. When Theo returned from the dead as Azrael, she attempted to get through to him, and even reminisced about their childhood before the monks took him away.

Despite her frequent attempts to act indifferent towards Butch, she also seems to harbor affection for him, even going so far as to allow herself to be mutilated to save his life. After she and Butch form a real relationship, Tabitha started to be more open with him and worked hard to find a way to cure his illness. Once he recovered, she was happy and confessed her love to him but was devastated to witness his death. She later tried to avenge him, though this was resulted in her death by the very man who killed her love.

Because of many facts, including Barbara's toxic insanity, Butch's death and a confrontation with Lee (mutated by Tetch virus) who reflected her own cruelty, Tabitha seems less to act with impulsivity and more calm or conviction.

As of Season 4, and Season 5, she is much nicer and more understanding of her cruel nature in the past towards Oswald, and close to death realizes that she was in the wrong, despite not apologizing directly to Oswald. (It is an indirect realization on her face after Oswald states that he pulled the trigger, but her actions killed Butch)


  • Peak of physical human condition: As an assassin, Tabitha was in top physical condition.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Tabitha is a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, as seen during her fight with Alfred.
    • Whipsmanship: She was extremely skilled at using a whip, being able to wrap it around someone's neck as a ligature as a means of subduing them.
    • Skilled knife-wielder/thrower: Tabitha was proficient with using knives in combat. She was able to throw a knife into Alfred's back from a distance with precision. She also used one of her karambit knifes to skillfully block Butch's drill bit attachment from harming her without even looking at it.
"Word is, you're quite the deadeye yourself."
The Lady[src]

  • Expert markswoman: Tabitha was highly trained at using both handguns and rifles. She managed to shoot Arnold Dobkins precisely from a far distance with her sniper rifle.
  • Manipulation/Seduction: Tabitha was talented in the art of persuasion, as seen when she seduced Butch Gilzean to the point where he allowed her to be his partner in crime and right hand woman in Gotham's criminal underworld. Galavan also likes to confuse and distract her enemies by flirting with them, as seen during her confrontation with Martinez, where she told him that she likes strong confident men like him just to catch him by surprise and stab his throat under her high heel.


  • Tigress outfit: During combat, Galavan always wears various all-black leather outfits consisting of tight jackets and pants. It offers her flexibility, as well as various places where she can hide her knife and other weapons. She also occasionally worn a fabric face mask to conceal her identity. When attacking Arkham Asylum, she wore a gas mask to protect her from the sleeping gas. Additionally, she wears black high heel boots that make her look taller and more intimidating, while they can also be used as a dangerous weapon on her enemies, as seen when she managed to throw Sal Martinez on the ground and stabbed one of her high heels into his throat.
  • Guns/Firearms: Tabitha has been known to use various firearms such as handguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles.
  • Bullwhip: A black whip is the signature weapon of Tabitha Galavan which she uses on many of her enemies, often to tie it around them or to trap them in a stranglehold. She would later let Selina Kyle use it in her training.
  • Karambit knife: Apart from a whip, Tigress always carries a karambit knife with her in case she loses her preferred weapon during combat. She wielded one while fighting Alfred Pennyworth and used it to throw it into her opponent's back. She also hid a karambit knife near her knee just above her high heel boots during the Battle for Gotham and later used it to threaten Hugo Strange by holding it to his throat.
  • Combat knife: Tabitha used a combat knife to kill Oswald;'s mother and tried to grip one with her recently reattached hand.
  • Crossbow: Tabitha used a crossbow to take out some of Cobblepot's men during her attempt on his life.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Gotham: A City Gone Mad


  • Tabitha's appearance and choice of clothing is similar to another assassin, Larissa Diaz (Copperhead) from Season 1.
  • Tabitha was the Trinary antagonist of Season 2, a supporting antagonist of Season 3, and an anti-hero in Season 4 and season 5.


  • In DC Comics, Tigress is a legacy supervillain persona passed down through the the original's bloodline. However, Tabitha Galavan appears to be an original creation of the show, that only shares her alias with the previous versions.
  • Tabitha's physical appearance, especially her look in the episode she was introduced, is reminiscent of Catwoman's appearance in the third season of Batman TV series (1966-1968), portrayed by actress and singer, Eartha Kitt. Her choice of weapon, a whip, is also a possible nod to Catwoman, as it is her signature weapon.
    • As such, Tabitha ends up becoming a mentor to a young Selina Kyle in the show during the season 3 finale and allows her to practice using the whip as a weapon.
  • It is unknown why she succumbed so easily to Oswald holding a knife to her, trying to stab her single-handedly, as Tabitha is a lot stronger than him, and she wasn't even injured, prior to her death. It is possible that her hand lost muscle use in that moment, considering the fact that Edward cut off her hand earlier in the series, which when reattached is very difficult to use. This, combined with the shock of losing Butch, could be a cause of death.


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