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"There's always a choice."
—Tabitha Galavan to Barbara Kean[src]

Tabitha Galavan (formerly Tabitha Dumas) was the sister and enforcer of the late Theodore Galavan who vowed to avenge the Dumas family, which they were both descendants of. After learning that the Waynes dishonored their family name, their goal was to return to Gotham City and kill the last member of the Wayne family: Bruce Wayne. However, Tabitha grows more and more dispirited about how Theo treats his family, which ultimately leads to her leaving Theo behind to save her niece Silver St. Cloud.

After Theo's death, she allies herself and falls in love with Butch Gilzean, who was now the new ruler of the Gotham Underworld after Oswald Cobblepot's empire crumbled. After Edward Nygma mistakenly assumes that Butch is responsible for his girlfriend's murder, Nygma captures both Butch and Tabitha. Although Oswald is eventually revealed as the true killer, Tabitha loses her hand in Nygma's interrogation. After Nygma finds out that Penguin was the true killer of Isabella, he allied with Barbara Kean and the rest of her gang to destroy Penguin's empire and take it for themselves. After Edward shoots Penguin and thrown him in the river, Barbara and Tabitha took his criminal and became the new head of the Gotham underworld, which didn't last long, as Oswald was revealed to be alive, Barbara's threatment towards Tabitha and Butch. After Oswald succeeds in defeating them, by putting Ed Nygma in a block of ice, with Barbara killing Butch and Tabitha later on, killing Barbara. Tabitha seemed to be the only one who survived once again from Penguin's wrath.

She then goes on mentoring a young street theif, Selina Kyle, specially on how to weild a whip. Tabitha and Selina later finds a resurrected Barbara Kean, apologizing for her actions and welcoming them into starting a new partnership. The Sirens plans to go against Oswald Cobblepot and take his criminal empire again, thanks to Sofia Falcone. After defeating Penguin, Tabitha goes on the run and reunties with her lover, Butch, attempting to make him remember who he is, eventually succecding in winning his heart. After Butch regains full memory of his past life, Tabitha allied with Oswald in helping cure Butch, only to murder him in front of Tabitha as part of his scheme. One month later, Tabitha was still raging over Butch's death, wanting to avenge his death, Tabitha and Oswald got into a fight with a knife and a gun, when she fired on him the gun jams, leaving Oswald having the upperhand, her then fatally stabs Tabitha in her heart, as Barbara shows up and finds Tabitha dying, her last word were: "Barbara don't".


Early life

Tabitha and her brother, Theo, grew up on a seaside estate, owning several dogs and horses. They lived a joyful life until a private set of monks took Theo away from Tabitha. After learning about their ancestors, Tabitha and Theo returned to Gotham to avenge the Dumas name by way of establishing Theo as Mayor and killing the surviving member of the Wayne family, Bruce Wayne.

Plotting with her brother

After her targets have been knocked out by Zaardon, she and some men enter Arkham Asylum and break free six inmates, among them Jerome Valeska, Barbara Kean, and Richard Sionis. She brings them before her brother Theo who offers each of them to join his team. When Sionis declines, Theo tells him that Tabitha will take him outside. When Sionis insists that Barbara will come with him, Theo tells him that she wouldn't want to go where he is going. Tabitha then attacks Sionis with her whip and pushes him to the ground where she stabs him multiple times, much to the amusement of Jerome.

When the Maniax throw people off a rooftop, Tabitha watches them with a binocular. She is also present when her brother blackmails the mayor serving as his bodyguard in case James tries anything.

While her brother supervises the male members of the Maniax, Tabitha has taken a liking to Barbara, teaching her how to use a whip. When Theo Galavan talks to four of the Maniax, they are disturbed when Mayor James enters the room, followed by Tabitha and Barbara who whip him just for fun. James, due to the box on his head, can't see where he is going and runs into a wall which knocks him out.

It is revealed that she watches the Maniax on all their missions, killing them if they get caught. When Arnold Dobkins is apprehended by Gordon Tabitha shoots him with a sniper rifle from a nearby rooftop, so he wouldn't reveal any information.

The day after the shooting at the police precinct, Theo walks in on his sister and Barbara making out. He doesn't mind, but tells Tabitha to go entertain Jerome while he has to talk to Barbara. Tabitha leaves, not before kissing Barbara. After Tabitha leaves, Theo remarks that he is glad that his sister and Barbara get along so well, because she needs a friend. He also says that despite acting tough she is quite fragile.

While Gordon keeps searching for Jerome, Jerome and Tabitha visit Cicero the Fortune Teller, Jerome's father. Tabitha puts a noose around Ciceros neck and ties him to a chair. While Jerome bitterly talks about his past and reveals to his father that he will kill him and blame him for the Maniax-breakout, Tabitha holds herself in the background, at some point searching for food. When she doesn't find any, she tells Jerome to hurry up. When Gordon and Bullock knock at the door, Tabitha and Jerome flee and leave a knockout gas behind. Bullock is quickly knocked out but Gordon manages to attack Jerome. Weakened by the gas he is overpowered by Jerome who holds a gun to his head. Before he can shoot, Tabitha stops him and knocks Gordon out.

The same evening, Tabitha and Jerome arrive at the benefit gala at the Gotham Children's hospital. The two of them overpower the magician and Tabitha stuffs him in a chest so that Jerome can take his place at the event. At the gala, her brother introduces her to Deputy Mayor Kane. When Kane tells Tabitha jokingly that the "appearance of a handsome billionaire our of nothing" raises questions, Tabitha replies that her brother is a "monster in a sack" which leads to an uncomfortable silence. Tabitha then asks the Deputy Mayor if there are any news on Mayor James. After taking their leave from Kane, Tabitha tells her brother that everything is ready and that she will see him at home. She then leaves the event.

When Barbara and Theo return, Tabitha watches Barbara getting close to her brother and kissing him on the cheek. This sparks a hint of jealously.

Feud with Penguin

On her brother's behalf, she visits Oswald Cobblepot to arrange a meeting between Theo and him. She tells Cobblepot that a car is waiting outside to bring him to her brother. When she and Penguin arrive at Theo's apartment, Barbara enters the meeting and kisses her. During the meeting, Tabitha provokes Penguin by telling him that he is the King of Garbage rather than the King of Gotham. Penguin angrily replies that she should not underestimate him. Theo then shows Penguin his plans for the city, giant futuristic skyscrapers. When Penguin states that thousands of homes have to be destroyed to allow the building of the skyscrapers, Tabitha replies, "Yeah, so?".

When Penguin declines to kill all other mayoral candidates for Theo, Tabitha blackmails him by turning on the TV, showing him video footage of his kidnapped mother, Gertrud. On Theo's orders, she kidnaps Sid Bunderslaw and gouges out one of his eyes. That said, Theo does express his disgust towards her methods.

She is present when Penguin begs Theo for his mother's release and grins when Theo denies. Later, she visits Penguin and hands him a list of addresses he is to burn down. When Penguin remarks that they are now making him an arsonist and that he has to find a good pyromaniac for this, Tabitha provokes him before telling him that he should pull himself together. Before leaving she hands Penguin Bunderslaw's eye, saying that his arsonist will need it.

She and Barbara listen when Butch Gilzean visits Theo to become a member of his organization, claiming that Penguin went mad and almost killed him. When Theo asks Tabitha what she thinks she is thrilled and already has plans to put a knife on Butch's stump. After the conversation, Tabitha cuts down the rope strangling a congressman after the man agrees to support Theo's candidature.

Later, Theo reveals to Butch that he knows that he is still loyal to Penguin and searching for his bosses' mother. When he finds out that Butch is only loyal because Penguin brainwashed him, Theo calls Tabitha to free his mind. When Tabitha appears with a whip in her hand, Butch attacks her but is overpowered and strangulated by her until he is unconscious.

After Butch, now free from Penguin's influence, leads Penguin to the warehouse his mother is imprisoned at Theo and Tabitha arrive, with Theo holding the key to Gertruds cell. Penguin, who has arrived with Butch and two henchmen, orders Butch to shoot both Theo and Tabitha in the head. However, Butch shoots Penguins men instead, thereby revealing that he is free from Penguin's influence. Outnumbered and alone, Penguin begs Theo to spare his mother. Theo indeed seems to give in when he hands Tabitha the key to the cell, but this changes immediately when Tabitha frees Gertrud and stabs her in the back moments later. After comforting his dying mother, Theo orders Butch to kill Penguin but Penguin, who states that Theo does not have the guts to do it himself and that his family was banished because they come from a line of cowards. Theo then takes the gun and sadistically asks if Penguin has any last words to which Penguin answers: "I'm gonna kill you" and slices into his neck with the knife Tabitha used to kill his mother. Penguin jumps out of a window. Tabitha shoots at him but Penguin safely gets away.

At the victory party for Theo, Tabitha is on the roof with a sniper rifle, ready to kill Penguin if he arrives. When she spots a large crowd approaching she shoots the man she thinks to be Penguin but the gang reveals that they are all disguised as Penguin. When Martinez, a GCPD officer finds her on the roof she uses her whip to drop him to the ground and then crushes his throat with her heels.

Tabitha takes part in the attack on Gordon's caravan as part of a trap by Barbara. She injects Jim Gordon with a serum that knocks him out. She later brings Gordon's girlfriend Leslie Thompkins to the church where Barbara is holding Gordon. When Gordon manages to save himself, Tabitha attacks him but is shot in the shoulder and escapes.

Losing faith in Theo

Tabitha later approaches a woman named The Lady and puts a hit out on James Gordon in revenge for Barbara's injuries. The Lady complies and sends assassins to Theo's headquarters where the GCPD are collecting evidence after Theo Galavan's arrest. But Gordon and Captain Nathaniel Barnes manage to fight off the waves of assassins and survive. When Tabitha goes to visit her brother in prison, he is angry at her carelessness. He tells her that soon they will be in control of Gotham, and warns her if she pulls off anything like that again that as much as he loves her,  he will slit her throat.

While at Theo's penthouse, Tabitha is surprised by Alfred who is looking for Bruce. After disarming him with her whip, Tabitha tells him to leave while he still can. Alfred tells her that if he learns that anything happened to Bruce, he will make her responsible for that. He turns to leave and Tabitha uses that to attack him with her whip but Alfred is prepared and uses the whip to knock her to the ground. Both of them fight and Alfred almost overpowers her, but she stabs him in the side with her knife. Alfred knocks her down, and enters the elevator, but is prevented from leaving when Tabitha jumps onto the elevator roof. Alfred manages to get out of the building and jumps onto a garbage truck to escape but Tabitha hurls her second knife into her back. Alfred falls into the back of the truck and the truck drives off. Tabitha and some men arrived at the junkyard to look for Alfred and finish the job, however he manages to hide from them and later escape.

Tabitha is later shown to be fed up with her brother's actions and points out that without money or power he would be nothing. During the ceremony for Bruce Wayne's sacrifice, James Gordon along with Penguin, Alfred, Selina Kyle, Harvey Bullock and groups of mobsters arrive to rescue Bruce and capture Theo. Tabitha, Theo, and Silver escape to his office and plan to parachute out the window, but Tabitha notices Theo only has two parachutes. He reveals he intends to leave Silver behind due to her "failings" and tries to strangle her. Unable to watch her brother mistreat his family any longer, Tabitha knocks Theo to the ground, and she and Silver escape by jumping out the window and parachuting to the city below, leaving Theo behind to his fate.

Alliance with Butch

Not yet finished with Gotham, Tabitha teams up with Butch Gilzean who has taken the mantle of "King of Gotham" after Penguin's arrest. Penguin is brought to Arkham Asylum, having pledged insanity after having been arrested for Theo's murder. There, he is reconditioned by Professor Strange and released as a free man.

Having been released, Penguin at first walks right into the place of Butch Gilzean, who has taken over Cobblepot's role as King of Gotham. Butch and his new partner, Tabitha Galavan, are astonished when they see their visitor. Oswald is immediately taken by Butch's men and Tabitha jumps up to kill him but Butch stops her, saying that they should at least listen. Penguin claims that Arkham changed him and that he thought it would be impolite to be in the area and not pass by to say hello to an old friend. Tabitha and Butch are awed, considering that Penguin brainwashed Butch, cut off his hand and murdered Theo. However, they find out that Penguin genuinely means it and is not even provoked after Tabitha insults his mother. Butch then orders his men to release Penguin, claiming that they were even because they all lost something important to them. Tabitha claims that she won't allow Penguin to leave without some punishment so Butch allows her to tar and feather him. Penguin sees this as a joke and leaves Butch's place in high spirits.

Tabitha, much to Butch's surprise, is later visited by Barbara Gordon who has woken from her coma and been released from Arkham Asylum. Together with Butch and a crazed Barbara Tabitha watches TV when the news from Theo's return from the dead are broadcast. Shortly after, Butch kills out Barbara despite Tabithia still caring about her.

Search for Theo

After finding out that her brother is alive, Tabitha leaves Butch in order to leave the city, fearing retribution from Theo. Before she can flee she is approached by Bullock and Gordon whom she tells the legend of Azrael. She reluctantly teams up with Gordon in order to catch Theo and reveals information about the 'Sword of Sin', the sword of the original Azrael, which Theo is attempting to obtain. She leads the two to the Dumas Crypt where the sword is hidden.

There, they find the tomb and take the sword. However, they are then attacked by Theo who advances onto Gordon and throws him through a door. Before he can follow the way is blocked by Tabitha. Theo, not recognizing her, tells Tabitha to step aside but Tabitha tries to remind him of his true identity. She succeeds, but Theo also remembers that the two of them tried to kill Bruce Wayne and that Tabitha betrayed him. For her betrayal, Theo impales her on the sword before escaping from the church. The unconscious Tabitha is brought to a hospital where she is later visited by a devastated Butch and, to the shock of the latter, by Penguin who has returned to his former self after his father got killed by his step mother. Penguin strikes a deal with Butch, promising to leave Tabitha alone if Butch helps him find Theo.

Hunt for Fish

Six months later, Tabitha and Barbara own a nightclub in Gotham City. During this time period, Tabitha also broke up with Butch although the two remain on friendly terms. Butch, however, still has hope, that the two will get back together.

When Oswald arrives at the nightclub, he meets with Tabitha and Barbara whom he at some point made an offer to sell their nightclub to him. Tabitha and Oswald are still hostile against one another and Oswald claims that he offered Butch to kill Tabitha for him in the hope to raise Butch's spirits. He also claims that Butch refused. Tabitha then rudely refuses his offer but is interrupted by Penguin, who tells them to raise word that he is offering one million dollars to whoever brings in Fish Mooney.

The nightclub is later attacked by three mobsters who claim that the club is on their territory. Tabitha sneaks in and slices the throats of two of the men while Barbara beats one unconscious with his own gun. The two call Oswald, who arrives with Butch. The remaining mobster claims that they attacked because they though Oswald was not protecting the club anymore. Barbara, however, realizes that the man was sent by Butch, who had hoped that the threat would bring Tabitha back to him. Annoyed, Oswald shoots the mobster. He also tells Tabitha that she is only alive because Butch has not given him permission to kill her yet.

When Barbara hires hypnotist Jervis Tetch to perform in their club, Tabitha is at first unconvinced. However, she too eventually takes a liking to Tetch and, when Tetch hypnotizes Barbara on-stage, is amused as well. When Tetch, who has hypnotized Barbara into falling in love with him, tells Barbara that he does not return her love, Barbara almost kills him but is released from her hypnosis in time. It falls to Tabitha to apologize to Tetch.

Reuniting with Butch

Tabitha continues to live in fear from Cobblepot, who still wants to see her dead. When Tabitha witnesses a gangster buying the same explosives used by the Red Hood Gang, a gang who is on the warpath with Penguin, she captures the man and interrogates him together with Barbara. The two find out where the gang's headquarter is located and head there, find that the gang is led by Butch who wanted to have the gang attack Oswald's victory party at the Sirens so that he could take them down and be seen as a hero. Barbara claims that, if they rat Butch out to Penguin, the two could make a deal with Penguin to ensure Tabitha's life. Barbara leaves the choice to Tabitha who later decides against it. However, she tells Butch that Butch now owes her.

During Cobblepot's victory party, Tabitha is captured by some of Penguin's henchmen on Nygma's orders. By threatening Tabitha's life, Nygma forces Butch to seemingly murder Oswald. However, Tabitha kills one of her captors with a knife and brutally beats up the other. Tabitha heads to the main room to save Butch but it is already too late. The gun Nygma gave Butch, however, has been filled with blanks and Butch is shot in the knees by Zsasz. Nygma and Penguin call Butch a traitor. Tabitha tries to intervene but is stopped by Barbara. When Butch is later transported away by an ambulance car, accompanied by two policemen, Tabitha sets out to save him. Later, Cobblepot is informed that the ambulance has indeed been attacked and that Butch has been saved. Tabitha brings Butch to a safehouse upriver and returns to the Sirens.

When Gordon arrives at the Sirens, searching for Tetch, he interrogates Barbara by smashing the club inventory. Tabitha attempts to stop him at gunpoint but the situation is deescalated by Barbara who finally answers Gordon's questions.

Losing her hand

Tabitha later heads out of the city to be with Butch but the two are hunted down by Edward Nygma. Nygma, whose girlfriend, Isabella, was killed by Oswald out of jealousy, was told by Oswald that Butch was behind the murder. Nygma successfully captures both Butch and Tabitha by poisoning their food. Once both are unconscious, Nygma brings them to an abandoned house where he demands a confession from Butch. As Butch has never met Isabella he cannot confess but Nygma, believing that Butch is merely lying, starts torturing him with electro shocks. As Butch does not yield up any information, Nygma turns to Tabitha instead but Butch manages to get Nygma's intention again by insulting Isabella, claiming that she most likely did not even exist.

When Butch, who has passed out due to the torture, regains consciousness, Nygma reveals to both him and Tabitha that he has created an elaborate death-trap. A guillotine is placed over Tabitha's hand, with a timer ticking down. Tabitha can prevent losing her hand by pressing a button which would in turn send a fatal dose of electricity into Butch's head. Nygma swears on Isabella's memory that he will release both of them if Tabitha sacrifices her hand. Nygma then sadistically watches when Butch pleads for his life, claiming that the last weeks were the best weeks of his life. Accepting his demise, Butch then turns to Nygma, telling Nygma that he murdered Isabella to hurt him. However, as Butch claims to have shot Isabella in the head whereas Isabella died because her car was rigged, Nygma realizes that Butch is not responsible for Isabella's death. Telling Butch that he is sweet, Tabitha then drops the trigger, sacrificing her chance to save her hand. Before anyone can do anything, the guillotine comes down, severing Tabitha's arm, to the shock of both Butch and Nygma. Tabitha passes out and the horrified Butch pleads to Nygma to untie him so that Butch can bring Tabitha to a hospital. Moments later, Barbara storms into the room but Nygma, still shocked about what he found out, just walks past her and out of the building.

Butch and Barbara bring Tabitha to a hospital where she is immediately taken in by doctors. The doctors are able to reattach her hand to her arm but she has trouble even holding a knife. After being released from prison, she returns to the Sirens where Butch and Barbara wait with her. To the surprise of the three, Nygma enters the club as well. Butch and Tabitha are outraged but Barbara allows Nygma to talk. Nygma reveals that he found out that Penguin was the one to kill Isabella. Nygma claims that he wants to see Oswald suffer and apologizes to Tabitha. Although Tabitha is still outraged, Barbara tells her to calm down. The four of them then plot to destroy Oswald's legacy. Unknown to Edward, the three also plan to avenge what he did to Tabitha as soon as Oswald dies for causing the events in the first place.

As part of their plan to destroy Oswald, Tabitha captures the mob boss Tommy Bones who is one of Cobblepot's underbosses. She forces Bones to call Oswald and claim that Gotham's crime bosses do not work for him anymore. Afterward, Tabitha shoots him in the chest, killing him.

Doubting Barbara

After Barbara has successfully taken over Oswald's business, she is approached by Gordon who manages to convince her to investigate a secret shipment by the Court of Owls. While Barbara, Tabitha and a few henchman interrogate a dock worker they are suddenly attacked by a Talon. The Talon slaughters the henchmen, forcing Barbara and Tabitha to flee from the warehouse. Both make it out alive, however, have still not found out about the Court. As she is now determined to find out what the Court is, Barbara employs Nygma to find out more because she knows that Nygma cannot leave an unsolved riddle alone. However, this greatly displeases Tabitha because Barbara had promised her revenge on Nygma after Oswald's defeat.

Much later, Butch and Tabitha are approached by Gordon who is hunting Nygma. However, as Nygma is working together with Barbara, Tabitha is reluctant to give him up even when Butch urges her to. Nonetheless, she ultimately gives Gordon important information that leads to Gordon capturing Nygma. When a furious Barbara finds out, she screams at Butch and Tabitha, hysterically claiming that Nygma was her only way to take down the Court of Owls, claiming that she can never be the most powerful person in Gotham while the Court exists. When Barbara has stormed off, Butch tries to convince Tabitha that Barbara ultimately only cares about herself and might throw both of them under the bus eventually. Tabitha, despite starting to see that her lover is right, remains loyal.

After the disappearance of Selina Kyle, her friend Ivy Pepper heads into the Sirens because she knew Selina was once a friend of Barbara. She asks Tabitha whether she has seen Selina and Tabitha is dismissive at first. However, she then feels bad for Ivy and tells her to go check Gotham General Hospital, revealing that Selina fell out of a window.

Versus Oswald

After returning from his Court of Owls captivity, Nygma reveals to Tabitha, Barbara, and Butch that Penguin is still alive and plotting against them. Tabitha does not believe Nygma and accuses him of trying to set a trap for them. Barbara, however, still has not forgiven Tabitha for betraying Nygma to the GCPD and it comes to a heated argument which is disbanded by Butch.

Together with Butch and Nygma, Tabitha heads to Oswald's safehouse. While the two men head through the main entrance, Tabitha scouts the roof where she witnesses Selina Kyle trying to escape. As Selina sprints towards her, Tabitha jumps out of her cover and knocks her down. They deliver Selina to Nygma and Barbara but Barbara then sends Tabitha and Butch out of the room, arrogantly dismissing them because she does not trust him after they betrayed Nygma. As they leave, Butch furiously asks Tabitha how long they will let Barbara treat them like that.

After Oswald has been taken by Fish Mooney, Butch realizes that there is someone else to serve besides Barbara. He tries to convince Tabitha that both of them should join Fish and that she might even take care of Nygma and Barbara for them. However, Tabitha has doubts and is not yet ready to make a decision. Butch then turns around and sees Jim Gordon's ex-girlfriend Leslie Thompkins in the club. He is surprised that Leslie would hang out at their club and he approaches her, unaware that Leslie has been affected by the Tetch virus. When Butch talks to her and inquires why she is here, Lee arrogantly dismisses him and calls him an errand boy for better people than him. When Butch tries to throw her out, Lee lets the virus rage and she smashes her glass into Butch's head and throws him several feet backwards where he remains on the floor. Tabitha furiously gets up and prepares to fight but then realizes that Lee has the virus. Lee answers that Tabitha is not as dumb as Lee though she was. She claims that she has come for Tabitha's boss but Tabitha replies that she has no boss. Lee cruelly states that Tabitha was a sidekick to her brother in the past and that she is a sidekick to Barbara now. She leaves a message for Barbara with Tabitha, telling her that the next time she sees Barbara she will rip Barbara's head off. After Lee has gone and Butch tries to get up, moaning in pain, Tabitha furiously asks him whether he needs help.

At the Sirens, the assembled team watches their plan come into fruition. While Nygma listens to a telephone call in which he has a proposition for Nygma, Butch once again attempt to convince Tabitha that they need to kill Nygma and Barbara. Tabitha, however, replies that the city will pay them a great ransome for Tetch and that they need to play that out before they do anything rash. Butch reminds her that whatever Barbara and Tabitha had, Barbara now treats them like dirt. He claims that Barbara does not deserve Tabitha's loyalty. The same moment, Barbara enters the room and the two stop whispering. When Barbara asks where Nygma ist, the two realize that Nygma has gone and has taken Tetch with him. Barbara rages, blaming Butch and Tabitha for the disappearance because their only job was watching a man tied to a chair.

By using her contacts in the GCPD, Barbara realizes that Nygma is planning to exchange Tetch for Oswald. From her inside man, she learns where Gordon is taking Oswald and thus knows where Edward and Tetch are. Together with Tabitha and Butch, Barbara turns up in the warehouse and demands Tetch. Nygma, however, draws a grenade and throws it in the direction of the trio and all three dive for cover. A firefight breaks out in which Tabitha desperately tries to kill Nygma. Barbara eventually screams at her to let Nygma run off, as her priority is getting Tetch back.

Eventually, Gordon, Bullock, and Tetch escape from the warehouse but are forced to flee on foot. As Butch, Tabitha and Barbara are still pursuing them, they flee into a nearby scrapyard where they hide. Butch, Barbara, and Tabitha start searching for the trio. They eventually hear a scream and head to the source of it where they find a mutilated and unconscious Tetch. He has a gaping wound in his neck and Barbara realizes that Jim and Bullock have escaped with Tetch's blood, which is all they need to create an antidote.

Against Barbara

Back at the Sirens, Barbara, Tabitha and Butch started packing up, knowing that after their actions, the whole city will be hunting them. Barbara has a new plan. She wants the three to split up and each head to a safehouse where they will later regroup. Butch loudly objects and asks for what they should regroup but Barbara screams at him to do whatever she tells him to. Butch then furiosuly turns to Tabitha, telling her that he will not wait any longer and reminding her that Barbara has broken every promise she made to Tabitha. Tabitha finally agrees. When Butch turns to leave and to make the arrangements, Tabitha tells him that they will do it together and kisses him. Butch then heads out to assemble his tools but while he does so, he is confronted by Barbara who reveals that she knew all along that Butch planned to kill her. Before Barbara kills him, Butch claims that Tabitha had nothing do do with the plan and that it was him alone.

When Tabitha later arrives at the safehouse she finds neither Barbara nor Butch, only a metal case on a table. When she opens the case, she finds Butch's metal hand inside. Barbara then enters the room, aiming a gun at Tabitha. Barbara asks whether killing Nygma was really that important to her. Tabitha asks whether Tabitha killed Butch. She, in turn, replies that Butch told her Tabitha had nothing to do with the plot to kill Barbara. She wants to know whether this is true but Tabitha replies that it doesn't matter now. Barbara admits that, for arguments' sake, she has not been the best friend and asks Tabitha whether they can leave that behind them and start a new. Tabitha does not answer, she only asks whether Barbara killed Butch, stating that she needs to know and that knowing is the only way the two of them can move forward. Barbara then admits that she killed Butch but adds that Tabitha left her no choice.

Tabitha replies that there is always a choice. She grabs the metal hand from the table and hurls it at Barbara. While Barbara ducks, Tabitha grabs her whip and disarms Barbara. Tabitha then slams Barbara into a wall and Barbara starts kissing her. Tabitha is surprised and Barbara knocks her forehead into Tabitha's face. Tabitha falls backwards but immediately attack again. She throws Barbara through a wooden wall, into a part of the room where rain is dripping through the ceiling and water is covering the floor. Barbara manages to grab her gun and, although Tabitha uses her whip again, the whip soars past Barbara. Barbara gets back up and laughs, claiming that Tabitha should not have brought a whip to a gunfight. Tabitha, however, reveals that Barbara was not her target and that the whip is attached to en electric light standing in the corner. Tabitha pulls the whip and crashes the light onto the floor. Due to the water on the floor, Barbara is electrocuted to death. Looking at Barbara's corpse, Tabitha states that they now can move forward.

Tabitha returns to the now empty Sirens. While she is there and thinks about her next move, Selina Kyle appears and asks whether Barbara is around. Tabitha tells her that she isn't and that Barbara won't be coming back. She asks Selina what she wants and Selina states that while she doesn't really know what she wants, she is tired of just surviving and wants to move up. Tabitha states that she is at a crossroads herself right now and asks Selina whether she is hungry. Selina then sees Tabitha's whip and Tabitha invites her to give it a try. When Selina immediately hits the target, Tabitha is surprised. Later after that, Tabitha left the Sirens with Selina, heading towards an unknown destination.

Training Selina

Over the course of the next three months, Tabitha trains Selina. After she deems her ready, Tabitha sends Selina into the streets of Gotham to beat up several thugs that are located in a nearby alley. Using her whip and her fighting skills, Selina beats up all of them but turns her back to one combatant she believed to be down. Before the man can attack her, Tabitha knocks him out from behind. She compliments Selina on her performance but also reminds her to never turn her back on an enemy.

The two head back to Tabitha's place where they are suddenly confronted by Victor Zsasz. Despite holding guns, Zsasz claims that he has come in peace. He states that the two were hard to track down, and, looking over the rundown apartment, asks Tabitha why she lives like that when she used to be right. Tabitha reminds him that Penguin stole her club and Zsasz replies that Tabitha killed his mother, so they should just call it even. Tabitha asks Zsasz why he has come and Zsasz reminds Tabitha that every criminal in Gotham now needs a license from Penguin. Zsasz invites Tabitha to come to the opening of Penguin's new club the next evening. where she is supposed to "kiss the ring" and get her license. Zsasz then leaves the apartment after implying that Tabitha doesn't really have a choice. Once Zsasz is gone, Tabitha claims that the two need to find a new place immediately but Selina stops her and tries to convince her that it is in their interest to join Penguin. Tabitha, however, sternly claims that she will not work for Penguin and orders Selina to pack her things.

When Selina heads to the opening alone to swear loyalty to Penguin, Zsasz confronts her and asks her why she has come alone. To the surprise of both, Tabitha reveals herself and tells Zsasz that Selina has not come alone after all. Before she can swear loyalty to Penguin, however, a gang attacks. During the chaos, Tabitha disarms Zsasz and takes his gun.

After both Tabitha and Selina have received an invitation to a building in Gotham, the two meet up on the entrance. Heading inside, both are surprised and shocked when they are welcomed by none other than Barbara Kean. Tabithat doesn't understand and states that she killed Barbara. Barbara replies that his is Gotham, after all, and that Tabitha should check for a pulse next time. Tabitha replies that she will do exactly that after she has slit Barbara's throat. She draws a knife but does not yet engage. Barbara tells both of them that she is back in Gotham and that an opportunity - a new beginning - is awaiting all three of them. Barbara then comes closer to Tabitha and apologizes, claiming that not a day goes by she doesn't wish that she could take back all she did. Tabitha holds her blade to Barbara's throat but Barbara keeps talking, offering a heartfelt apology and allowing Tabitha to kill her should she choose to. The conversation comes back to business and Tabitha states that it is quite unoriginal to start another club in Gotham. Barbara replies that his is not a club and pulls a lever, revealing hidden cabinets inside the walls that are filled with high-tech weaponry. Barbara claims that with Penguin owning the city and issuing licences, every criminal in town will turn to her for weapons. She offers both Tabitha and Selina to join her but Tabitha furiously refuses, claiming that she can never get back what Barbara took from her. She states that Barbara can consider herself lucky that Tabitha doesn't burn the place to the ground and storms out of the building.

The Sirens

Back at their place, Selina tries to convince Tabitha that joining Barbara is in their interest. Tabitha wants to know why Selina wants this so badly. Selina replies that she is sick of being treated like a useless child and that joining Barbara is their best move. Suddenly, a voice behind her agrees and Tabitha pulls her gun and aims it at her. The source of the voice is revealed to be Ivy Pepper, who wants to talk. Tabitha refuses, claiming that she is Penguin's lapdog. Ivy, however, claims that she hates Penguin and wants to get back at him and the men who treated her badly. Tabitha doesn't believe it and orders Ivy to get out. She then tells Selina to get word out to Barbara; Tabitha is ready to talk business but needs something from Barbara in return. The two return to Barbara's store where Barbara confirms that Tabitha can ask anything of her in return. Tabithat demands Barbara's hand - as both she and Butch lost one during the battle of Penguin, Nygma and Barbara. Now it is Barbara's turn to lose one. Barbara agrees to the terms but in the last moment, Tabitha moves the cleaver so it misses Barbara's arm. Claiming that she will trust Barbara for now, Tabitha leaves the building.

After a few weeks of business, Tabitha and Selina are called to the dealership. There, Barbara reveals to them that her benefactor, Ra's al Ghul, has died and thus, she no longer needs the dealership - which she only had to be Ra's' eyes and ears in Gotham. Selina disappointedly claims that she cannot believe it but Tabitha flatly states that she can. She confronts Barbara and asks whether the partnership she proposed was all a lie and Barbara reveals that it was, as Barbara couldn't have done the job without Tabitha and Selina. Selina claims that they can still work together but Barbara coldly brushes her off. Once Barbara leaves, Selina reveals to Tabitha that she has intel on one of Gotham's motorcycle gangs and that the two of them could rob them to prove Barbara that their partnership could still work out. However, Tabitha refuses and claims that the two of them find something else.

Later, Tabitha is called by Selina after Selina has tried to rob the bikers on her own. She claims that she is trapped in the bikers' warehouse and that they are searching for her. Tabitha tells her to stay hidden and sets out to get her. She tells Barbara that the two of them should go and get her but Barbara seems not inclined to. Tabitha argues with her, claiming that Selina only went to prove herself to Barbara and that she only wants a purpose. Barbara is not impressed and Tabitha realizes that Barbara has not changed one bit, she is still completely selfish. Without another word, she steps out of the building in order to save Selina herself.

Tabitha distracts the bikers by blowing up their motorcycles. She then meets up with Selina inside the warehouse and the two hide. Tabitha whispers that she will take the fire of the bikers in order to let Selina escape. However, Selina states that they are in this together and will leave together as well. Before the two can actually act, Barbara appears and shoots all of the gangsters. Barbara is seemingly content with leaving with her share of Selina's stealings but then reveals that she has actually decided to listen to Selina and to keep their operation running. Together, the three leave the warehouse.

Reunited with Butch

The leader of the biker gang the three robbed visits Penguin and demands justice. The three, also present, are not impressed and Oswald is suddenly interrupted by his secretary Mr. Pen, who informs him that Nygma has resurfaced in a fighting club in the Narrows, where he is openly mocking Penguin. Penguin is outraged and furious and stabs the other criminal when he dares to laugh at that. As the three Sirens previously owed a debt to the mobster, Penguin claims that they now owe it to him. He wants the three of them to have a look at Nygma's act for themselves and then capture him and bring him to the Iceberg Lounge. When Selina asks what they gain from this, Oswald tells her that in return, he will not set every criminal in Gotham after them and kill them. After the three have gone, Oswald also sends Firefly to the club in order to burn everyone inside should the Sirens fail.

While heading to the club, Tabitha reveals that she looks forward to getting her hands on Nygma. Once they arrive at the fight club and watch Nygma's horrible performance, all three are completely dumbstruck. Tabitha and Barbara are even more horrified when they find out that Nygma's partner Solomon Grundy is none other than the recently deceased Butch Gilzean. Tabitha is at loss for words and asks Barbara whether she knows what this means. Barbara, still shocked as well, claims that this means Tabitha owes her an apology for electrocuting her. Not listening, Tabitha sets off to find a way to talk to Butch, unaware that he does not remember his past life. Behind the stage, she catches up to Butch and hugs him but soon realizes that Solomon Grundy is not the Butch she knew. She wonders what happened to him, and the question seems to enrage him. Tabitha finds out that Butch does not even remember her anymore. The same moment, Barbara and Selina enter the room with a captured Nygma, which greatly angers Butch. Using the opportunity, Nygma orders Grundy to rip them all to pieces and although Tabitha tries to convince Butch that Nygma is not his friend, Grundy doesn't listen. The situation is defused when Selina proposes that they settle their differences in the ring - the winner takes Nygma. Realizing that Selina wants to pit one of them against Grundy, Nygma easily accepts the offer. He once more dons the Penguin attire and prepares the people in the fight club for the upcoming match.

Tabitha is the one chosen to fight Grundy and is confident that Butch is still there and won't hurt her. She plans to simply choke him out but once the fighting begins, Grund doesn't hold back in the slightest. Using his superhuman strength, Grundy easily knocks her to the ground and Tabitha can only save herself when Barbara provides her with a mace in the last moment. Tabitha hits him in the face with it and drives him into the back of the ring. Slowly remembering Tabitha, Grundy mutters the word "Tabby" but Tabitha has already taken another swing and knocks him out, too late realizing that he actually recognized her. She tries to wake him back up but suddenly, the club riots. In their hate for Oswald, they are not willing to give Nygma up to his enforcers. When suddenly Firefly turns up as well, prepared to burn everybody inside on Oswald's orders, even more chaos ensues, but it is defused when Lee takes out Firefly and Barbara kills the club's owner Cherry, secretly a lackey of Penguin. Before the club guests can attack them once more, Tabitha and the Sirens are forced to leave. Looking back, a hurt Tabitha sees that Grundy is turning to Nygma for help.

Teaming up with Sofia

Barbara knows that the Falcones learn to lie before they can read so she does not trust Sofia. Barbara plans to still blackmail Penguin into leaving them alone and knows that Penguin will want Sofia whether she's his friend or his enemy and asks to get him on the phone. Penguin gets the phone from Zsasz and Barbara greets him with a friendly hello. He asks what she's doing with Sofia, she explains to him that they thought Sofia was his best friend at the time they kidnapped her. Penguin asks for a price for Sofia and Barbara tells him that she wants to keep her gunshop, not share profits with him and that they work alone from now forward. Penguin agrees and tells her he'll send Zsasz to collect Sofia. The Sirens are suspicious of Penguin as it didn't take him long to agree to their offer and sense that he is plotting against them, Sofia explains that he couldn't wait for Barbara to hang up the phone and that they need to get out of the building. Selina tells Tabitha and Barbara that they should listen as Zsasz is standing outside with a rocket launcher. He shoots the building and it goes up in flames with The Sirens and Sofia just narrowly escaping. Barbara promises to snap Penguin's beak in two.

Later, They kidnap Penguin's friend, Martin, and bring him into their car. Barbara thinks he's cute but Tabitha just calls him creepy. They bring him to a secluded location and wait for Penguin to arrive, once he does Barbara watches as Sofia and Penguin throw insults at each other but Sofia ultimately lets Martin go. The Sirens and Sofia think they've won until Penguin blows up the car Martin was in and begins shooting at them, they all duck for cover behind a car. Back at Sofia's mansion, Sofia begins explaining their future plans and how they are going to overthrow Penguin, Barbara tells her that she had her shot and missed even accusing her of not being used to someone telling her no. The Sirens begin to leave until Sofia tells them that they have nowhere else to go except with her and they stay. They then take over take over Penguin's empire, ruled by Sofia.

Penguin's revenge

That night, Penguin and Tabitha return to the Falcone Mansion after they lost the battle against Ra's al Ghul and Jeremiah Valeska. Galavan immediately holds a blade to Hugo Strange's throat and asks him where Butch is and what he did with him. However, Gilzean then stepped out of the shadows behind her, with his human form now completely restored. Touched by the cure, both lovers reunite by confessing their love for each other and sharing a passionate kiss. Butch then turned to Cobblepot, who was watching them in glee the whole time. He told Penguin that he will never forget this and that he is there no matter what he needs. Oswald thanks him and tells Butch that he considers him a friend. However he then confesses that he is truly sorry to the confusion of Tabitha and Butch, right before pulling his gun and shooting Butch in the chest. Butch collapsed on the floor, instantly dying in Tabitha's arms. From the other end of the room, Penguin softly asked the shocked woman if she really thought he forgot that she murdered his mother, that he just got over it. Oswald then reveals that he had lived with that pain every day for the past few years.

Moreover, he explains that he could have killed her anytime he wanted, but that he believes in an eye for an eye. She took away the one person he loved, so he took away the one person she loved, something she should get used to live with as he did. Enraged, Galavan ran to Cobblepot in order to kill him, but he casually used his gun a second time and shot her right in the leg, causing her to kneel down in front of him from the pain. Still in disbelief and shock, she asks him if all of this: finding Strange, curing Butch, was all so he could kill him in front of her. Penguin confirms this and then looks right into her eyes, telling her that she shouldn't worry, since he plans on killing her too, but only in time when he feels that she has suffered enough. Full of hate, she tells him that this won't happen if she kills him first. Gloating, Cobblepot says that she is welcome to try, before having her carried out of the Falcone Mansion by two of his henchmen, while Tabitha is still groaning and threatening to kill Penguin. Oswald then looked at Butch Gilzean's motionless body, somewhat feeling sorry that he had to kill his old friend in order to get his revenge.

Tabitha's corpse.png


Many days later, Tabitha begins her plot to get revenge on Penguin where she ambushes him and his men in the Lo Boyz' territory. Due to a misfired gun, Tabitha is stabbed by Penguin as Barbara arrives. Her final worlds before succumbing to her wound are "Barbara don't." This causes Barbara to plan revenge on Penguin.


Tabitha's demise results in a heartbroken, furious, depressed, and saddened Barbara after witnessing her best friend's death who was eager to kill Penguin. As a result; due to being pregnant with Jim's child, her gut couldn't handle when Barbara had the perfect chance to kill Penguin, so she left him alive, though she will admit that she'll never forgive him for what he did to Tabitha.


"My sister is too blunt. But she is honest."
Theo Galavan to Oswald Cobblepot[src]

Tabitha shows numerous traits of a sadist, as well as those of a sociopath, and relishes pushing people's buttons, almost regardless of the danger. She seems less calculating than her brother and more prone to act on impulse although she does become less reckless in later seasons. She is shown to be flirtatious with anyone she finds attractive but can also develop an emotional attraction to others, which was demonstrated when she sent assassins to kill James Gordon for putting Barbara Kean in a coma, and when she defends Silver St. Cloud from Theo Galavan. This shows that she draws the line at harming family members or at least those who aren't a threat as she had no problem turning against Theo for mistreating them.

Tabitha has a low tolerance for those who threaten her with violence, as she impulsively attacked Alfred Pennyworth after he interrogated her about the whereabouts of Bruce Wayne, and she left Theo Galavan to die after he threatened her and Silver St. Cloud.

Despite betraying Theo, she still seemed to care for him and was angry at Oswald Cobblepot for "killing" him. When Theo returned from the dead as Azrael, she attempted to get through to him and even reminisced about their childhood before the monks took him away.

Despite her frequent attempts to act indifferent towards Butch, she also seems to harbor affection for him, even going so far as to allow herself to be mutilated to save his life.

Because of many facts, including Barbara's toxic insanity, Butch's death and a confrontation with Lee (mutated by Tetch virus) who reflected her own cruelty, Tabitha seems to act with less impulsivity and more calm or conviction. She later ends up becoming more open regarding her feelings towards Butch, trying to find a way to restore him. Her affection towards him also results in her death after Oswald stabs her after she tried to kill him.


  • Peak human condition: As an assassin, Tabitha is the top physical condition.
  • Master Martial Artist: Tabitha is an extremely skilled fighter, being able to hold a standoff for a prior amount of time against Alfred Pennyworth. She was proven to be quite capable of defeating her former lover, Butch Gilzean (as Solomon Grundy) in a battle at Cherry's, and defeat and killed Barbara Kean with relative ease.
    • Expert Whipwomanship: Tabitha is very skilled at using the bullwhip to wrap it around someone's neck. She disarmed Butch Gilzean and killed Richard Sionis, as well as Oswald Cobblepot. She even used it against Jeremiah Valeska during the battle against Ra's al Ghul and the Leauge of Shadows. She was even able to choke several mobsters along with the The Sirens.
    • Master Knife-Wielder: Tabitha is a skilled knife-thrower, wielding with precision and versatility. She stabbed and killed Gertrud Kapelput in the back, and was cut out a man's eye out. She even slit many mobsters throats when protecting Barbara Kean.
    • Master Assassin: As her brothers assassin, Tabitha kills those who interfere with his plans. She sniped Arnold Dobkins from a distant area, killing him instantly. She was even capable of defeating and tracking down Alfred Pennyworth. She also killed Tommy Bones seeing that he wasn't as useful anymore to Barbara's advantage.
"Word is, you're quite the deadeye yourself."
The Lady[src]
  • Master Markswoman: Tabitha is a very skilled markswoman. She has used several firearm's, such as pistols, rifles, and sniper rifles. She sniped Arnold Dobkins from a distance, and she also shot and killed Tommy Bones. She was able to held her own against James Gordon, but was wounded by him. With help by The Sirens she shot many gang members when with two of her pistols, and was able to shoot and kill many Arkham Asylum guards with ease.
  • Master Manipulator: Tabitha was a talented persuader, seducing Butch Gilzean to become his right-hand woman and a key player in Gotham's criminal underworld. She also likes to distract her opponents by flirting with them. Tabitha can also use a crossbow, as she used one on Penguin's men during her attack on her target.
  • Expert Bomb Disarmer: Tabitha was a capable enough bomb disposal to dictate to Jim Gordon over the phone how to disable an explosive threatening Aubrey James.


  • Bullwhip: Tabitha's used a black bullwhip to perform her signature move - strangling a victim by wrapping the business end around their throat. 
  • Tigress outfit: Tabitha's combat outfits were variations on a black leather bodysuit with utility pouches and high-heeled boots. The material offered flexibility and room to conceal knives and other projectiles. Her heeled boots were capable of stabbing a victim through the jugular. 
  • Guns/Firearms: Tabitha weilded handguns and assault rifles, as well as sniper rifles.
  • Karambit knife: A karambit knife was Tabitha's offhand weapon, which she kept hidden in the top of her boot in the event that she olst her whip. 
  • Combat knife: Tabitha used a combat knife to kill Oswald's mother.
  • Crossbow: Tabitha used a crossbow to kill Cobblepot's henchmen during her attempt on his life.


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  • In DC Comics, Tigress is a legacy supervillain persona passed down from the original, mother to daughter. In Gotham, the title of Tigress is occupied by Tabitha alone.
    • Had the show continued beyond the shortened season 5, Tabitha would have fully embraced her super-villain identity as the Tigress during the No Man's Land storyline. When the show was only given one final shortened season, her arc had to be abandoned and the character was killed off in the season premiere.[1][2]
    • While Tabitha did not fully transform into the Tigress as originally planned, she was previously called "The Tigress" in the episode "A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself" and referred to as "The Tiger Lady" in the season 2 episode "Rise of the Villains: By Fire". In "Year Zero", Tabitha is also finally seen using a crossbow during her attack on Penguin's men at the warehouse. In DC Comics, the Tigress' crossbow is the signature weapon of the character.
  • Tabitha's appearance, particularly her debut outfit, is reminiscent of Catwoman in the third season of the Batman TV series (1966-1968), portrayed by actress and singer Eartha Kitt. Her weapon of choice, a whip, is also a nod to Catwoman.


  • Tabitha's appearance and choice of clothing is extremely similar to Larissa Diaz (Copperhead) from Season 1. Her costume and hairstyle also has some similarities with Nancy, who also wore a similar face mask as the one previously worn by Tabitha in "Rise of the Villains: Tonight’s the Night".
  • Tabitha was the triary antagonist of Season 2, a supporting antagonist in Season 3, and an anti-hero in Season 4 and season 5.