"There's always a choice."
—Tabitha Galavan to Barbara Kean[src]

Tabitha Galavan (formerly Dumas) is a former main character on Fox's TV show Gotham.  after Theo's death, she opened the The Sirens Club with Barbara, helping her to overthrow Oswald Cobblepot. As she grew closer with Butch, her relationship with Barbara suffered, culminating in Barbara's apparent death. She trained Selina Kyle in whipmanship, re-teamed with Barbara on leading an all-female faction of the League of Shadows, and mourned Butch's death at the hands of Oswald. During No Man's Land, Tabitha was stabbed in the heart by Penguin and died.


Early life

Tabitha and her brother, Theo, grew up on a seaside estate until a private sect of monks took Theo away to groom him for the Galavan usurper plot. 

Tabitha broke six inmates out of Arkham Asylum and killed one unsuitable candidate, Richard Sionis, at Theo's request. Tabitha and Barbara jointly tortured Mayor James by whipping him, a nod to their blossoming relationship - cut short when Tabitha saw Barbara kissing Theo. 

Tabitha approached Oswald Cobblepot to invite him to meet her brother and later taunted him with CCTV footage of his mother, Gertrud Cobblepot, imprisioned in a cell. When Oswald tried to implant Butch as a mole in Theo's inner circle, Tabitha voted to let Butch stay based on the idea of attaching tools, like a mallet, to his stump. Later, she tortures him to reverse Victor Zsasz's conditioning.

After Oswald's rescue attempt failed, Tabitha stabbed Gertrud in the back, killing her. When Theo is elected Mayor, Tabitha snipes policemen and later Oswald, when he's on the verge of revealing Theo's plans.

Avenging Barbara

Theo allowed Barbara to kill Jim Gordon in a fake wedding scenario and Tabitha pitched in by kidnapping Leslie Thompkins, bringing her to the church. After Barbara sustained life-threatening injuries falling out of a window, Tabitha struck out to get revenge on Gordon. She commissioned The Lady to put a hit out on Gordon, which backfired, prompting Theo to threaten to kill her if Tabitha disobeys him again. 

Betraying her brother

Alfred Pennyworth broke into the Galavans' apartment while trying to locate Bruce and fights Tabitha; both sustained gunshot wounds and Alfred got away in a garbage truck.  Freed from jail, Theo informed Tabitha the Order of St. Dumas is descending on Gotham. With growing contempt, Tabitha watched Theo psychologically manipulate their niece, Silver St. Cloud. She was present during the ceremony where Father Creel prepared to kill Bruce Wayne, which is interrupted by a joint rescue operation by Jim, Oswald, Selina Kyle, and Harvey Bullock. Tabitha, Theo, and Silver planned to parachute out of the building and escape, though only two parachutes are present. Theo attempts to strangle Silver to remove her from the equation but Tabitha comes to her rescue, leaving Theo at the mercy of Gordon and Oswald.[1]


Tabitha persuades Butch to initate a partnership between them and they kiss, watched discreetly by Selina.  Tabitha was present when Oswald Cobbleplot arrived to beg Butch's forgiveness for, and insisted that Oswald still needed to be punished.Tabitha invited Barbara into her and Butch's shared home, with Barbara's erratic behavior putting Butch on edge. Subsequently, Tabitha was shocked to see on the news that Theo was back from the dead and donning a warrior-like costume.[2]

Fearing Theo's retribution, Tabitha prepared to leave Gotham but was interrupted by Gordon and Bullock demanding answers. She explained that Theo was no longer her brother, and had instead become a warrior named Azrael. Tabitha showed the cops the Dumas crypt where her grandfather is buried with Azrael's ancient sword. Azreal ambushed them and Tabitha sections the siblings off to try and reach Theo, but it's no use and he stabbed her, sending her into a coma. At the hospital, Butch told an unconscious Tabitha how much he loves her. At some point after this, she ended their relationship.

Running the Sirens Nightclub

Tabitha opens a nightclub with Barbara called the Sirens Nightclub. They are propositioned by Oswald to share the profits, which she emphatically denies. Later, Butch attempted to reclaim the nightclub, ending with Barbara and Tabitha killing his men. They hired Jervis Tech, a hypnotist, as entertainment, who briefly hypnotized Barbara into loving him; earning a jealous reaction from Tabitha,

Tabitha was taken hostage by Victor Zsasz, under persuasion from Edward Nygma who was convinced that Butch was responsible for Isabella's death. Butch was captured but Tabitha, evidently still harboring feelings for him, freed him, and the two went into hiding together.

Nygma kidnapped Butch and Tabitha again and subjected them to a series of tortures, intent on breaking Butch's heart. Throughout, Butch seemed more concerned with Tabitha's safety than his own, and in the final test, Tabitha got her hand cut off to save Butch from being electrocuted to death. The hand was reattached.

Destroying Penguin's empire

Tabitha killed Tommy Bones and propositioned Barbara to kill Nygma too, but she denied her with a kiss. She also captured Penguin and taunted him about the night she killed his mother.

Turning on Barbara

After Barbara became Queen of Gotham, Tabitha acted as her apersonal assistant and torturer. Jim asked Barbara to interrogate witnesses to a potential move by the the Court of Owls, but they were interrupted by a Talon, and Barbara barely escaped. 

Tabitha later stole a bomb for Nygma under Barbara’s orders to threaten Mayor James with it, but she goes behind Barbara's back by phoning Jim to tell him how to disarm it. Barbara yelled at her, and Butch said that Jim was right and Barbara doesn't care about her anymore.

Nygma visited the Sirens imploring Barbara to team-up with him to destroy Oswald's empire, and despite Tabitha's objections, Barbara considered it. Further enraging them, Barbara threw Tabitha and Butch out of the room during her interrogation of Selina, saying, "the adults need to talk." Frustrated by this, Butch silently asked Tabitha how much longer should they endure this longtime mistreatment. She later accompanied Nygma, Barbara and Butch to Ivy Pepper’s hideout with the intent of killing Penguin. However, Fish Mooney unexpectedly arrived and took Oswald away with her while they were simply staring at her. Afterwards, Fish tells them to carry on what they were doing.

During the Tetch virus’ outbreak, Butch suggested to Tabitha that they should join Fish and tell her about Barbara’s weakness, but Tabitha tells him that she feels herself not ready. She then saw Lee Thompkins apprehending Butch, realizing that she’s been infected with the virus. Lee sends a message to Barbara through her that she will rip her head off, if she ever gets closer to Jim. After Fish Mooney’s death, Tabitha helped Barbara kidnap Jervis Tetch, because he might be the key to the cure to the virus. Barbara then started to blackmail Mayor James with Tetch, so that she can rule Gotham. However, Nygma got a call from Gordon that he gives him Penguin in exchange for Tetch. Nygma then quickly took Tetch to an abandoned warehouse to meet Gordon. However, Barbara, along with Tabitha and Butch, arrived and demanded Tetch. Nygma distracted them by throwing a grenade, so he can get Oswald. Tabitha tried to shoot Nygma, but Barbara screamed at her to let him go, because they need to get Tetch. After a long chase, Gordon cut Tetch’s throat to retrieve his blood for the antidote and he escaped. Back at the Sirens, Barbara and her gang planned to go to a wooden safe house, knowing that all of Gotham will be gunning for them after their attempt to take over the city. Barbara, however didn’t seem to give up and planned to regroup at the safehouse. When Butch loudly objected what they should regroup for, Barbara screamed at him to do whatever she tells him to. Angered, Butch stated that he’s tired of waiting and they must finally kill Barbara. Tabitha finally agrees and states they’ll do it together at the safehouse. However, Barbara figured this out and shot Butch through the head.

Tabitha walks into the old, wooden safe-house calling Butch and Barbara's name, with no reply. She sees a small metal box on the table, she opens it to find Butch's metal hand inside. Before she can react to the sight of Butch's hand, Barbara walks up behind her, pointing a gun at her, and asking if killing Nygma was really that important to her. Tabitha ignores the question and asks if Barbara killed Butch. Barbara avoids the question saying Butch told her Tabitha had nothing to do with trying to kill her and whether that was true, to which Tabitha replies that it doesn't matter.

When Barbara requests for the pair of them to forget this ever happened and go back to being partners Tabitha again asks if she killed Butch as she needs to know if they can move forward. Barbara hesitantly replies that she did kill him but she wasn't given a choice. Tabitha almost breaks down in tears before exclaiming that there is always a choice before throwing the metal hand at Barbara.

Barbara drops to the ground as the hand shatters the wooden wall behind her. Tabitha grabs her whip and restrains Barbara's hand, causing her to drop her gun and then pulls Barbara towards her. She stops Barbara from falling to the ground, and then immediately throws her into one of the walls which she falls through before being picked back up and slammed against another wall where the pair briefly share a passionate kiss before Barbara headbutts Tabitha away. Barbara tackles her into another wall, but Tabitha quickly throws her off. Barbara tries to climb away on her hands and knees, but Tabitha grabs her head and slams her into another wall, choking her for a few seconds before Barbara removes one of her own earrings and slashes it across Tabitha's face, forcing her to retreat momentarily.

Barbara then grabs a sharp piece of wood from the wall and runs at Tabitha but she ducks and hits Barbara through another unstable wooden wall. Barbara notices her gun just feet away from her, she goes for it while Tabitha retrieves her whip. Tabitha attempts to hit the gun out of Barbara's hand but appears to have "missed". Barbara then laughs and taunts her by saying "How many times have I told you not to bring a whip to a gunfight?!". With the smile still on her face, she notices too late that Tabitha's whip is coiled around a large lamp which she pulls down at Barbara's feet, on top of a large puddle of water, causing it to break and electrocutes her to death. Barbara falls to the floor, smoke pouring off of her pale, burnt skin. Tabitha looks at her body with little to no remorse on her face, stating that now they can move forward.

After Barbara’s death, Tabitha was about to leave the Sirens Club, just as Selina arrived, asking if Barbara is there. Tabitha tells her that she isn’t and will never come back, then asks Selina what does she want. Selina says she's tired of just surviving, that she wants more, to move up. Tabitha tells her that she’s at crossroads as well and asks if she's hungry, but Selina takes a liking to her whip. To Tabitha's amazement, Selina successfully breakers a glass bottle on her first try. The pair are then later seen leaving together, leaving the club to be later taken over by Penguin who renames it as the Iceberg Lounge.

Mentoring Selina

Tabitha complimented Selina on beating up some assailants with her whip and invited her to her new low-rent apartment. There, Victor Zsasz invited them to Penguin's new club, "The Iceberg Lounge", for a ring-kissing visit and to collect her criminal license. Escaping Zsasz, Tabitha and Selina headed to a mysterious building to be greeted by Barbara - alive.

Despite Tabitha pulling a knife and threatening to kill her again, Barbara apologized and implored the two of them to join her at her new arms dealing business. Tabitha refused.

The Sirens

Selina Kyle tried to convince Tabitha that rejoining Barbara is in their best interests. With a contribution from Ivy Pepper, Tabitha sends a message of affirmation to Barbara, but wants something in return. She demanded Barbara's hand - something both she and Butch lost. Barbara agreed, however she purposefully missed with the cleaver, saying her trust in Barbara is restored. ​​​​​​[3]

Tabitha helped the renegade faction of the League of Shadows resurrect Ra's al Ghul. Ra's was disappointed by Barbara's lack of ambition and tried to take it back. After using the power to see the future death of Tabitha, Barbara willingly gave up the power to save her life, helping them reconcile.

An Unlikely Alliance

As Barbara and Tabitha watched the smoke plume from the Gotham Clock Tower, Tabitha remarks, "Good riddance." Oswald arrived, offering to undertake a joint robbery in order to finance Butch's recovery via kidnapping Hugo Strange. Tabitha implores Barbara to allow the team-up.

Barbara, Tabitha, Butch and Penguin confront Jeremiah

Tabitha, Barbara, Butch and Penguin confront Jeremiah.

Later, Barbara, Tabitha, and Penguin confronted Jeremiah and demand $50 million, to which he responded he will detonate the bombs earlier than scheduled. After their defeat, the group return to the Sirens Club and Oswald suggests the idea of bringing Butch to Hugo Strange to cure him, with Tabitha threatening to force him if need be.[4]

Battle for Gotham

At the Sirens Club, Tabitha informed Barbara that Jeremiah had escaped the GCPD and likely re-grouped with Ra's al Ghul, prompting Barbara to take out the cursed dagger as the means to kill Ra's. Oswald, Alfred, Tabitha and the Sisters of the League formed up to engage the League of Shadows.

During the warehouse fight, Tabitha strangled Jeremiah with her whip, who stabbed her and prepared to deliver the killing blow, before she was rescued by Oswald. Tabitha watched with the others as the bridges fell and Gotham burned.

Losing Butch again

Butch killed by cobblepot

Tabitha watches as Butch dies in her arms

Oswald and Tabitha returned to the Falcone Mansion, where Butch revealed his fully restored human form, thanks to Hugo Strange. The lovers reunited and confessed their love for each other, whereupon Oswald drew his gun and shot Butch in the chest. As she knelt over his dying body, Oswald said explained that he took away the one person she loved in return for killing his mother, years ago. Tabitha rushed him, vowing to kill him, and he shot her in the leg. Oswald told Tabitha that he believed in an eye for an eye and wants her to suffer the same pain he felt until she was ready for him to end her life. Tabitha was then taken away by his men.

No Man's Land

The Siren's lair

The Siren's lair.

Tabitha returned to the Sirens Club, where Barbara was being towed by male members of the League. Upon seeing her, Barbara declared that men were the true source of corruption in Gotham and designated Siren's territory as a "NO MEN" zone.


Tabitha's corpse

Tabitha's corpse.

With the Sirens comfortably holding ground in Gotham, they agreed to trade food for bullets with Oswald. However, Tabitha still resented him for killing Butch, so she raced to intercept a downed supply helicopter containing Oswald's supplies. In the ensuing firefight between Sirens and Oswald's men, Tabitha shot him, the faulty bullet broke apart, and he stabbed her. To Barbara, Tabitha's final words were "Barbara, don't."[5]


Barbara swore to avenge Tabitha's death by killing Penguin and feeding his guts to the rats.[5] Instead, Barabara, heartbroken and withrdrawn, had one final tryst with Jim Gordon, leading to the birth of Barbara Lee Gordon. Penguin's plan to use Hugo Strange to cure Butch, only to kill his former henchman in order to hurt Tabitha for killing his mother, set up the events of Season 4.


In Season 2, Tabitha was shown to be less calculating than Theo who was bored and wanted some fun. She even have a soft side of her mourning Barbara Kean and wanting to avenge her by putting a bounty on James Gordon. 

Later in the seasons, she proven to be caring, loyal, sensitive, and deadly. She has a low tolerance whoever threatens her with violence, she also likes to flirt with her enemies. In Season 4, Tabitha became an anti- hero more than an villain. She worked so hard to cure Butch Gilzean (her boyfriend) . Mentoring Selina Kyle , gave Barbara Kean another chance and overall tried to save the city at the end of Season 4. In Season 5, she became vengeful and angry for revenge on Oswald Cobblepot for killing Butch Gilzean. But her not listening to Barbara got her killed. 

"My sister is too blunt. But she is honest."
Theo Galavan to Oswald Cobblepot[src]


Despite her persona of aloofness,Tabitha showed deep love and loyalty toward Butch and Barbara. She secretly adored Butch, even going so far as to sacrifice her hand to save his life. After she and Butch enter a relationship, Tabitha began opening up to him and worked hard to find a cure for his condition. Post death, she became obsessed with avenging him by killing Oswald Cobblepot.

Barbara, on the other hand, presented a more complex relationship. While their initial connection seemed based on meaningless kinky sex, Tabitha's relationship flourished once Barbara struck out on her own as a villaous entrepreneour. Their relationship hit the rocks when Barbara began treating her as an underling, triggering Tabitha's contempt for autho


  • Peak human condition: As an assassin, Tabitha was in top physical condition.
  • Expert martial artist: Tabitha was highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, which she infuses with gymnastic flair.
  • Skilled knife-wielder: Tabitha is a skilled knife-thrower, weilding with precision and versalilty.
"Word is, you're quite the deadeye yourself."
The Lady[src]

  • Expert markswoman: Tabitha was an unparalleled sniper, successfully killing Arnold Dobkins and hitting Oswald Cobblepot in long-range combat. 
  • Manipulation: Tabitha was a talented persuader, seducing  Butch Gilzean to become his right-hand woman and a key player in Gotham's criminal underworld. She also likes to distract her opponents by flirting with them.
  • Bomb Disarmer: Tabitha was a capable enough bomb disposalist to dictate to Jim Gordon over the phone how to disable an explosive threatening Aubrey James.
  • Whip whiler : Tabitha was able to use a whip during the overall seasons but she gave it up to Selina Kyle.
  • ​​​​​​


  • Bullwhip: Tabithas used a black bullwhip to perform her signature move - strangling a victim by wrapping the business end around their throat. 
  • Tigress outfit: Tabitha's combat outfits were varitations on a black leather bodysuit with ulility pouches and high-heeled boots. The material offered flexibility and room to conceal knives and other projectiles. Her heeled boots were capable of stabbing a victim through the jugular. 
  • Guns/Firearms: Tabitha weilded handguns and assault rifles, as well as sniper rifles.
  • Karambit knife: A karambit knife was Tabitha's offhand weapon, which she kept hidden in the top of her boot in the event that she olst her whip. 
  • Combat knife: Tabitha used a combat knife to kill Oswald's mother.
  • Crossbow: Tabitha used a crossbow to kill Cobblepot's henchmen during her attempt on his life.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Gotham: A City Gone Mad


  • In DC Comics, Tigress is a legacy supervillain persona passed down from the original, mother to daughter. In Gotham, the title of Tigress is occupied by Tabitha alone.
    • Had the show continued beyond the shortened season 5, Tabitha would have fully embraced her super-villain identity as the Tigress during the No Man's Land storyline. When the show was only given one final shortened season, her arc had to be abandoned and the character was killed off in the season premiere.[6][7]
    • While Tabitha did not fully transform into the Tigress as originally planned, she was previously called "The Tigress" in the episode "A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself" and referred to as "The Tiger Lady" in the season 2 episode "Rise of the Villains: By Fire". In "Year Zero", Tabitha is also finally seen using a crossbow during her attack on Penguin's men at the warehouse. In the DC Comics, the Tigress' crossbow is the signature weapon of the character.
  • Tabitha's appearance, particularly her debut outfit, is reminiscent of Catwoman in the third season of the Batman TV series (1966-1968), portrayed by actress and singer Eartha Kitt. Her weapon of choice, a whip, is also a nod to Catwoman.
    • As such, Tabitha becomes a young Selina Kyle's mentor and teaches her how to weild the whip.


  • Tabitha's appearance and choice of clothing is extremely similar to Larissa Diaz (Copperhead) from Season 1. Her costume and hairstyle also has some similarities with Nancy, who also wore a similar face mask as the one previously worn by Tabitha in "Rise of the Villains: Tonight’s the Night".
  • Tabitha was the triary antagonist of Season 2, a supporting antagonist in Season 3, and an anti-hero in Season 4 and season 5.


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