Switzerland is a mountainous Central European republic. Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth have taken numerous trips there, mostly to stay low following a major incident.


Following a raid on Wayne Manor by assassins and Bruce being forced to go on the run with his friend Selina Kyle (who the assassins were after), Bruce and his guardian Alfred Pennyworth took a break to Switzerland.[1]

Silver St. Cloud had studied in Switzerland before being summonsed to Gotham City by her uncle Theo Galavan.

After Bruce's kidnapping and near murder by a cult Theo worked for named the Order of St. Dumas, Alfred forced Bruce to come to Switzerland for a break.[2]

After finding out about the existence of a "secret council" whom Bruce's father Thomas Wayne's former friend Hugo Strange worked for, Bruce and Alfred traveled to Switzerland so Bruce could stay low and do his research into the secret council.

In Switzerland, Bruce had wished to return to Gotham, but Alfred still requested they stay. Wishing for him to stay away from the current havoc created by the monsters of Indian Hill in Gotham. He continued his studies while at the small winter house. However after an assassination attempt when skiing, both Bruce and Alfred had discovered a revenge plot against Pennyworth after a murder from his past. Bruce is kidnapped by this man, but he is stopped by both Bruce and Alfred. Leading to both of them returning to Gotham.

He eventually returned after some months away, although Selina wasn't too happy about him just disappearing regardless of the research pertaining to the murders of his parents.[3]

Following him murdering Ra's al Ghul (the true mastermind behind the now fallen Court of Owls), Bruce began spiraling out of control and took to clubbing, drinking and sleeping with girls in order to cope with the trauma. In a desperate attempt to help him out, Alfred suggested they go to Switzerland for a break and even packed the bags, however Bruce refused to go and chose to defy Alfred. The pair of them ended up fighting at Wayne Manor when Bruce challenged him to a fight, and during the confrontation Alfred lashed out and punched Bruce in the face. Although he regretted it getting out of hand, Bruce subsequently fired Alfred and relieved him from responsibility as his guardian.[4]


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