"What is this strike force for? To send a message that this epidemic of lawlessness will no longer be treated, but extinguished. With extreme prejudice."
Nathaniel Barnes[src]

The Strike Force is a special operations team founded by Nathaniel Barnes.



"What if there were a team of young cops who haven't been bought yet? Not jaded, not corrupted, still filled with hope and faith in the system."
Nathaniel Barnes to Jim Gordon[src]

Captain Nathaniel Barnes and Detective Jim Gordon sought to create a law-abiding task force of the Gotham City Police Department to clean Gotham City up. Looking for members, they went to the Gotham Police Academy who Barnes and Gordon sought to recruit before they could potentially become jaded or corrupt.[1]

Exploits as a group

The Strike Force saved Randall Hobbs from hitman Victor Zsasz when the latter attempted to murder the candidate for mayor. Josie Mac's bulletproof vest was destroyed in the process however.[1]

After several arson-attacks on buildings, the Strike Force was assigned to take down whoever caused the attacks. The force soon surrounded Bridgit Pike before she could burn another building. Luke Garrett almost arrested her, but he was incinerated by her flamethrower and died after. The Strike Force was now fully assigned to hunt down Pike and bring her to justice. [2]

They'd interrogate many firebugs and arsonists through Gotham to no avail. Gordon was forced to ask Selina Kyle about Pike's status. She revealed Bridgit's next target. They cornered Pike and Bridgit refused to surrender, and eventually burned herself.[3]

The Strike Force was assigned to protect the new mayor, Theo Galavan during his mayoral party from possible threats. They and many other cops defended the mayor from Penguin's thugs. Sal Martinez would eventually corner Tabitha Galavan on the top of the building, but he was brutally killed by the assassin. Penguin eventually escape, letting Gordon know that Galavan was a monster.[4]

The Strike Force recruited many new members and their first mission was to scout a car with Barbara Kean, Gordon and Bullock. Some recruits were gunned down by assassins working for Tabitha Galavan, but they'd also kill many of the hit men. They later rescued Gordon and Leslie Thompkins from Ms. Kean and her henchmen. Kean was severely wounded during the battle, and they found out enough evidence to arrest Galavan.[5]

The Strike Force invaded Theo Galavan's apartment and busted him, and also rescued mayor Aubrey James from a warehouse in the China Docks.[5]

Carl Pinkney was brutally killed by Edward Nygma and Jim is framed for the act.

Nathaniel Barnes plans to reassemble the Strike Force in order to hunt down Azrael (who happens to be the resurrected Theo Galavan).[6]


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