Stan Potolsky was a former WellZyn biochemist who created the drug known as Viper and its successor Venom.


Stan Potolsky was a biochemist for WellZyn. He created Viper, and its successor, Venom. After witnessing the side effects and gaining clarity over his actions, Stan went directly to Thomas and Martha Wayne to get the biochemical warfare program shut down. However, after the Waynes' abrupt murders, it was re-opened. This led him to take it into his own hands to get the program shut down once more. Using vials of the original prototype Viper drug, Potolsky distributed the drug to several people, thinking that if enough people died, WellZyn would shut the program down. He later tried to kill several Wayne Enterprises and WellZyn employees at the Wayne Enterprises Charity Ball, although he failed to do so after being caught by Detectives Gordon and Bullock. After coming into contact with Viper, he proceeded to kill himself by jumping off of the balcony he was trapped on, though not before telling the Detectives to check Warehouse 39.[1]


Season 1


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