Spa Bo'sh Sumka is a resort and spa where it's patrons dress as babies. It is located near the Tricorner island, but on the mainland outside of Gotham City.


Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock found Arthur Penn here to find out more about Sofia Falcone and his history with the Falcone crime family. Sofia Falcone attacked the place with Victor Zsasz, Headhunter, and some Falcone crime family thugs which resulted in a gunfight where the unnamed Falcone crime family members got killed. While Harvey got Penn away from Victor and Headhunter with Lee Thompkins' help, Gordon engaged Sofia in a gunfight within the kitchen after it's staff evacuated. Before Sofia can finish off Gordon, Lee showed up and shot Sofia enough to put her in a coma. She then kept Gordon alive long enough for the ambulance to show up.[1]



Season 4


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