Soothsayers is a gang that during the cataclysm controlled the Granton district.




Season 5


  • The Soothsayers appear to be a visual nod to the Batman villain Otis Flannegan, the Ratcatcher, a character created by Alan Grant, John Wagner, and Norm Breyfogle who first appeared in Detective Comics #585 (1988). Gotham's Soothsayers gang is reminiscent of the Ratcatcher in a multitude of ways:
    • The Soothsayers wear the same types of gas masks like the one worn by Ratcatcher and also wear outfits similar to the different costume variants the Ratcatcher often used to wear in the original comics. For example, various members of the Soothsayers wear gloves and dark dungarees, which were part of the Ratcatcher's redesigned costume in the New 52 era of comics.
    • The Ratcatcher's original costume is alluded to via the Soothsayers leader Sykes, who uses belts to attach a small gas cylinder containing his smoke drug to his back. In the comics, Ratcatcher is almost always carrying a gas cylinder (his vermit control gear) with him that he also attaches to his back with various belts.
    • The Soothsayers use long cattle prods as weapons, many of the gang members are seen carrying them in the episodes "Legend of the Dark Knight: Trespassers" and "Legend of the Dark Knight: The Trial of Jim Gordon". This is reminiscent of the Ratcatcher's walking staff, which was one of the characters signatures in the Modern Age comics.
    • In Gotham, the Soothsayers' main goal is to dig a tunnel under the Gotham River in order to get to the mainland on the other side of the river. The fact that they created a dark underground tunnel system under Gotham City evokes Ratcatcher's headquarters in Gotham City's underground sewer system that he usually inhabits in the comics.


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