The Sionis Family is a wealthy family in Gotham City.


Sionis Investments

The Family were the owners of an extremely successful business, Sionis Investments. But after he took over the organization, Richard Sionis recruited men in violent and brutal ways. The men would fight to death in an abandoned office, in any way with no rules. Because of this, many of the employees had scars and wounds.[1]

Sionis's Imprisonment

Richard was eventually caught by Detective Gordon and because of this, Richard had him transported to the abandoned office. He ordered the men to kill him, saying that whoever killed would earn loads of money. Gordon defeated all the men, and even though Sionis had a weapon, Gordon also defeated him. Sionis was then arrested and brought to Arkham Asylum[2]. After a breakout in the facility, Sionis was whipped and butchered by Tabitha Galavan for not wanting to join The Maniax. Theo did this to serve as a warning to the other Arkham Asylum inmates that don't want to serve him.[3]

Known family members


  • In the DC Comics, the Sionis family were rich socialites. Roman Sionis (Black Mask's) father Charles Sionis was a rich businessman, who along with his wife would put on a fake fasade to be friendly to their socialite friends Thomas and Martha Wayne. Roman would later go onto murder his parents.
  • Following the introduction of Richard Sionis in Gotham, DC Comics later retconned Black Mask's father as Richard Sionis, who was the original founder of the False Face Society. However it is unclear if Roman Sionis exists as a son of Richard in the universe of Gotham.


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