Sid Bunderslaw was the Director of Physical Operations at Wayne Enterprises.


Meeting Bruce Wayne

Alongside Molly Mathis and some other operatives, Sid Bunderslaw took part in the illegal activities at Wayne Enterprises. In order to get close to Sid Bunderslaw, upon learning that he sent Reginald Payne to investigate Bruce Wayne, which led to Alfred Pennyworth getting stabbed, Bruce attended the Wayne Enterprises Ball, where he met Sid Bunderslaw, distracting him while Selina Kyle stole one of his keys.[1]

When Bruce visits Wayne Enterprises and arrives in the Physical Operations department, he secretly activates the fire alarm as a diversion so that he can get to Bunderslaw's office. Using one of the keys, Bruce opens the vault only to find it empty. Bruce is then confronted by Bunderslaw. He tells Bruce that he knew his "date" had taken one of his keys, and also stated that Thomas Wayne had kept quiet about the illegal activities at Wayne Enterprises. Bunderslaw then introduces Bruce to Lucius Fox, who escorts Bruce out of his office.[2]


Bunderslaw was later abducted by Oswald Cobblepot and Butch Gilzean, and brought to Theo and Tabitha Galavan. After crawling out of the trunk he was put in, Bunderslaw asked Theo what was going on, and was soon after told by Galavan that he was to tell them every illegal activity that Wayne Enterprises had participated in, and if he refused, he was to be tortured. Bunderslaw cooperated with Theo. One of his eyes was soon after cut out by Tabitha, as they needed it for their own personal ends, to be used by the Pike family in their arson-related heists.[3]


Season 1

Season 2


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