"You killed a lot of our friends, Gordon."
"A lot of your friends had it coming."
"So do you.
—Sid and Jim Gordon[src]

Sid was one of Hugo Strange's experiments from Indian Hill.


Escape from Indian Hill

Sid was among the Indian Hill experiments that escaped from the prison transfer bus that was supposed to take them upstate. He and the other Indian Hill experiments started wandering the streets of Gotham City.[1]

Joining Fish Mooney's gang

Six months later, Sid appeared as a member of the latest incarnation of Fish Mooney's gang where he assisted in the capture of Ethel Peabody.[2]

Following the fight between Fish Mooney's gang and the Gotham City Police Department, Sid got away with Fish, Marv, and Nancy. The four of them abduct Harvey Bullock where they got the information on where Hugo Strange is being held. The police arrive and Jim Gordon secretly sneaks inside. Sid and Nancy catch him and bring him to Fish, where they make a deal to allow her safe passage out of the building. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot and Butch Gilzean arrive with an angry mob. When the angry mob breaks through, Sid and Nancy buy Fish and Marv some time to sneak out the back with Hugo Strange. Both of them are killed by the angry mob and their bodies are later burned outside the building.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Superhuman speed: Sid has super-speed. He was able to dodge a bullet fired at him by Jim Gordon at medium range. He also disarmed Harvey Bullock and one of Hugo Strange's guards in the blink of an eye. He later used his speed to sneak up behind Gordon and hold him at gunpoint.


Season 3


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