"I've always found that the best and bravest people are the ones that willingly acknowledge their fears."
—Scottie Mullen to Harvey Bullock[src]

Scottie Mullen is a counselor for people suffering with phobias. She was the fiancée of Harvey Bullock.


Early life

When Scottie was seven she almost drowned in Lemmars Park pool, afterwards developing a phobia of swimming pools.[1]

Death of Adam Jodowsky

Serving as a counselor for people suffering with phobias, Scottie became Adam Jodowsky's sponsor. She was later alerted to his murder by Detective Harvey Bullock, who told her he'd call her if he felt a need to go to the meeting. Later during the meeting, Scottie went after Todd, who left the room in tears after talking about his phobia. He then proceeded to take Scottie captive, putting her in the back of his truck, revealing himself to be the one who had been kidnapping the phobics. Attempting to drown her in Lemmars Park, Scottie was saved by Harvey Bullock, who dived into the pool to save her.[1]

Scottie later began a relationship with Bullock, and the two became engaged. Her Irish roots and red hair were two of the things that drew the equally Gaelic Bullock to her. She questioned Detective Jim Gordon as to why he was at the bar Bullock was employed at, telling the Detective that Bullock wasn't coming back to the force as he had a life now.[2] Scottie later broke off their engagement.[3]


Season 1

Season 2


  • She has a phobia of swimming pools.


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