Scarface is the name given to a ventriloquist puppet in the possession of Arthur Penn, which he uses to project a more ruthless alternative personality. The Scarface personality had plans to overthrow Penn's former boss Oswald Cobblepot and take over the criminal underworld.


Penn found the Scarface puppet in a magic shop. Based on Penn's words, he possibly suffered a split in his personality and told Scarface all about his employer Oswald Cobblepot. Scarface decided he wanted Oswald’s treasure and to be the boss, so he had Penn go and see Oswald. The Scarface persona lashed out at Oswald for how he treated Penn and instructed Penn to kill Oswald and Edward Nygma. Edward told Scarface about his and Oswald’s plan to escape Gotham in a submarine. Scarface decides to spare Edward but figured that Oswald still had to die.

Oswald tried to talk to Penn, saying he never asked him to kill anyone. Penn realized Oswald was right, but when Oswald talked about how they had started together, the Scarface persona lashed out at him saying that Penn was starving while Oswald’s dog ate steak. He told Oswald that all he did was take, influencing Penn, who added that Oswald never gave back. Edward presses a button causing a shrill shriek that distracted Penn and Scarface long enough for Oswald to try and wrestle the gun away. Penn and Scarface struggled for the gun, but Oswald managed to point the gun at the Scarface puppet and blow it’s head off, freeing Penn from its influence, but Penn was shot and killed by Edward immediately after.[1]


Season 5


  • The Scarface Puppet, initially known as "Woody", made its debut in Detective Comics #583 (February 1988), and was first owned by Arnold Wesker's cellmate at Blackgate Penitentiary by the name of Donnegan. Wesker found himself drawn to the puppet, who began to "communicate" with Wesker and urged for the pair of them to escape. After Wesker killed his violent cellmate and made it look like a suicide, he and Scarface made their escape through a tunnel created by Donnegan years prior. The puppet, unsatisfied with the name "Woody", provided himself with a new name; one more befitting an angry criminal mind with high ambitions – Scarface.
    • Following Wesker's murder, Scarface later came under the ownership of a second Ventriloquist called Peyton Riley.
    • Whilst Scarface appears to be a simple ventriloquist puppet and a representation of Arnold Wesker's split personality, it is sometimes implied that he may actually be sentient in some way.
  • This is the second-live action version of Scarface, with the first being a cameo in the 2018 TV series Titans.
  • Andrew Sellon and Seth Boston briefly discussed the idea that Scarface wouldn't be able to pronounce the letter "B". In the Batman comics, Scarface is usually unable to pronounce the letter "B" and is known to call his nemesis "Gatman" instead.[2]


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