Jonathan Crane wears a variety of frightening outfits resembling a Scarecrow in order to go with his criminal alter-ego of the same name. The design is based off a nightmarish scarecrow that he hallucinated after being exposed to his father's fear serum.


Original costume

The Scarecrow

Jonathan's original Scarecrow outfit was taken straight from that of a real scarecrow that Merton and his gang used to torment Jonathan to keep him in place and force him to recreate his father's fear serum. Jonathan eventually gave into his darkest desires and took on the identity of the scarecrow hallucination that tormented him, and donned the outfit used to make the scarecrow. He also used a type of dispenser to spray his victims in the face with the toxin.

Arkham placement

One of My Three Soups0286

Following his incarceration at Arkham Asylum, Jonathan wore a pillow case over his head to act as a placement for his confiscated costume. Following his breakout of Arkham along with Jerome Valeska, Jervis Tetch and several other inmates, he disposed of the sack to make way for a new scarecrow costume.

Legion of Horribles

Scarecrow Hatter Crane Tetch bscap0760

Out of Arkham, Scarecrow slimmed down the costume, made it a darker, more muddy brown, and added a hood.

No Man's Land


When Gotham City became a no man's land after the Cataclysm, Scarecrow removed the hood and added a brown hat to his costume.


Season 4

Season 5


Scarecrow's Legion of Horribles costume strongly resembles the Arkhamverse portrayal of the character, while his No Man's Land outfit resembles the Haunted Knight depiction.


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