Sampson is a gangster that operates in the southern part of The Narrows.


When Sampson's men were causing trouble for the inhabitants of the Narrows under Lee Thompkins' protection, she met with Sampson who was suffering from a medical condition and suggests they discuss a compromise at her clinic so that she can do a check-up on him. When Lee came by her clinic later, she found that it had been trashed by Sampson's men. When Edward Nygma suggests unleashing Solomon Grundy on Sampson's gang, Lee had a better idea. Lee and Nygma met with Sampson where Lee revealed that she poisoned his drink. In exchange for the antidote, Sampson is to leave the Narrows. Sampson agrees to the terms and gets the antidote upon Lee and Nygma's departure.[1]

Tiring of Lee's independent rule of the Narrows, Sofia Falcone allies with Sampson and assists in overthrowing her. Sampson then reveals his agreement with Falcone by surprisingly showing up at the Cherry's, bringing a hammer with him for Sofia to smash Lee's hand. After Lee has been humiliated in front of her followers, she is thrown out on the streets.[2]

Seizing control of the Narrows, Sampson beats up a man and shoots him in front of his family to serve as a warning to all the inhabitants of the Narrows if they don't pay their protection money. After putting Sofia in a coma, Lee gets her revenge on Sampson by having her men beat him up. When Sampson promises to leave the Narrows, Lee states that she knows he will but not until she extracts a punishment. She then pulls out a hammer and breaks Sampson's hand with it, as revenge.[3]


Season 4


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