Sal Martinez was a member of Unit Alpha of the Strike Force.


After the death of his mother, the owner of Gotham Gun Range let Sal go there after hours to practice until he worked out his anger issues.[1]

Joining the Strike Force

Captain Barnes interviewed and recruited Sal along with, Josie Mac, Luke Garrett, and Carl Pinkney to the Strike Force. The group was later issued their uniforms and weapons by Barnes and were present when he was told about the murder of Janice Caulfield. Sal along with the rest of the Strike Force saved Randall Hobbs from Victor Zsasz, who had been attempting to assassinate him, with Sal managing to shoot Zsaz in the shoulder. Sal and the rest of the strike force were later berated by Detective Harvey Bullock for joking about the near miss of Josie getting shot, and he and the others were presented by Barnes with their first official mission, to build a case to take down the Penguin.[1]


When Captain Barnes informed the GCPD to protect Theo Galavan from Oswald Cobblepot, the Strike Force comes to the defense. Martinez was securing the perimeter and had his eyes on Cobblepot before he was assassinated by Tabitha Galavan. Martinez finds out that the assassinated Cobblepot was a fake and that all the men arriving were acting and dressing as the kingpin. Martinez confronts Tabitha and is killed when she stabs her heel into his throat.[2]


"Mr. Martinez, it says here you're the best shot this school's ever seen."
Nathaniel Barnes[src]
  • Expert marksman: Martinez was the best marksman in the history of the Gotham Police Academy, having learned to shoot at Gotham Gun Range while practicing there in his youth following the death of his mother.


Season 2



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