"I've killed, and eaten a dozen women. Terrorized the city. What have you done? Chop up your mommy?"
—Robert Greenwood to Jerome Valeska[src]

Robert Greenwood was an Arkham Asylum inmate and a member of The Maniax.


Robert killed over a dozen women, then ate their bodies.[1]

Abduction from Arkham

Robert was knocked out by the knock out gas that came out of Zaardon, and abducted by Tabitha Galavan. Questioning as to where they were after regaining consciousness, he along with the five other abducted inmates were later offered the chance to become a team that would make Gotham City tremble, by Theo Galavan.[2]

Robert feuded with Jerome Valeska over who would be the leader of The Maniax. After beginning to spar, Robert with a sword, and Jerome with a chain saw, Theo told them to settle it by playing Russian Roulette. After Robert, and Jerome each pulled the trigger, Jerome showed just how insane he was by pulling the trigger three times in a row. Theo was impressed by Jerome's insanity, and named him leader. Robert took great pleasure in trying to murder a bus full of Gotham City High School cheerleaders, and later shooting up the Gotham City Police Department. He held the camera as Jerome confronted Commissioner Sarah Essen. Robert was killed by Jerome when he stated a line, that was Jerome's.[1]


Season 2


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