For the character whose identity he stole, see Richard Gladwell.

"You know why they hire a professional? Because he finishes the job."

Richard Gladwell was the pseudonym of a highly skilled hitman who worked for the highest bidder.


Stealing an identity

He killed Richard Gladwell and took his identity.[1]

Working for the Dons

The man masquerading as Gladwell also took up a position in Human Resources under his cover identity, which is where Detectives Gordon and Bullock tracked him down. He used a telescopic device to kill Councilman Ron Jenkins and his aide. Then he burned Councilman Zeller alive in the grounds of Arkham Asylum to leave a clear message on the orders of his client, Carmine Falcone. He managed to give the two detectives the slip, however and sought to complete a contract on the life of the Mayor, Aubrey James, a hit put out by Sal Maroni. The killer was gunned down by Bullock and Gordon in the Mayor's own residence.[1]


Expert strategist/tactician/manipulator:

Expert hand to hand Combatant: Gladwell is proficient in hand to hand combat, as seen when he fought and nearly overpowered Jim Gordon.

Expert Marksman: Gladwell is an expert marksman, as seen when he shot out the lock to a door.

Expert Assassin:


Telescopic Spike: Gladwell's weapon of choice. It is a metal cylinder comprised of two pieces locked together. With the push of a button, it can retract out a metal spike to stab victims at close range.

Handgun: Gladwell used Jim Gordon's own handgun against him during his assassination attempt on Mayor James.


Gladwell, as he was known, prided himself on his professionalism and detachment, and went to the lengths of explaining his actions to his victims on a number of occasions. He was highly methodical, and very cool under pressure.


Season 1


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