Reynolds was the Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department.


Three months following the chaos caused by the Alice Tetch virus, Mayor Burke and Commissioner Reynolds met with Oswald Cobblepot at the city hall. During their discussion, Burke told Penguin that he can't unionize crime in Gotham City, though Penguin insisted that he is the reason that the streets are safe, and explained that now only professionals will be committing the crimes. Burke and Commissioner Reynolds then both reluctantly agreed to Cobblepot's proposal, who afterward had to excuse himself to prepare for the grand opening of his new nightclub, The Iceberg Lounge.[1]

While interim mayor Holden Pritchard met with Commissioner Reynolds, Archbishop McGregor, Gertrude Haverstock, and Gloria Bainbridge, their building came under attack by Jerome Valeska, Jonathan Crane, Jervis Tetch, Victor Fries, Bridgit Pike, and Oswald Cobblepot who killed the security personnel and took them hostage. Gloria was used as an example of the laughing gas that Jerome planned to unleash. Crashing the Gotham Music Festival in Paisley Square, Jerome showed Interim Mayor Pritchard, Commissioner Reynolds, Archbishop McGregor, and Gertrude Haverstock as his hostages as he demanded a ransom of Jeremiah Valeska and Bruce Wayne by having neck bombs placed on the hostages. Commissioner Reynolds and Archbishop McGregor were eventually killed by Jerome as examples.[2]


Season 4


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