Raymond Earl was a school custodian by profession and the second Spirit of the Goat.


Becoming the Goat

Raymond Earl was a custodian and patient of Dr. Marks, who hypnotized him into becoming the second Spirit of the Goat.

Murders as the Goat

As the Spirit of the Goat, he murdered several first-born children of Gotham's wealthier citizens, including Amanda Hastings and Ember Copley. After deducing his identity as a custodian for a company that serviced the buildings he had taken his victims from, he was arrested by Detectives Gordon and Bullock. While in GCPD custody, he continually clenched his fist, a physical movement embedded in his consciousness by Marks to counteract any bad ideas or impulses he might have. It was later revealed to have made him think his own identity was a bad idea, prompting him to become the Spirit of the Goat.[1]


Season 1


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