"Anyone has the guts to come after me, they'll find out real soon who they're messing with."
—Randall Hobbs[src]

Randall Hobbs was a candidate for mayor in Gotham City.


Randall Hobbs was known as the longest-serving teamster boss.

Candidate for Mayor

Randall, like Janice Caulfield and Theo Galavan, was running for mayor after Mayor Aubrey James went "missing" and Deputy Mayor Harrison Kane was killed by Jerome Valeska.[1]

Murder Attempt

After Galavan ordered Oswald Cobblepot to kill Hobbs after he threatened to kill his mother Gertrud Kapelput, Victor Zsasz was dispatched to kill Hobbs. Zsasz arrived at Hobbs's safehouse and killed all his bodyguards except for Randall himself. Randall was saved by the Strike Force but Zsasz managed to escape.[1]


Season 2


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