"I won't say it again, freak! Gordon. Comes. With me!"
—Silva just before her death.[src]

Ramos Silva was a gang leader in the dark area of Gotham City during No Man's Land. She was later shot in the head by Jim Gordon.


No Man's Land

Going after Jim Gordon

After Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock borrowed several vehicles from Barbara Kean, they made their way through her territory and were almost killed by her gang.[1]


Later, whilst Sykes and his Soothsayers attempted to take the bounty on Jim's head, Silva and her gang arrived and she ordered Jim come with her, which Sykes protested against. However, as she stepped toward Jim, he quickly turned and shot her in the head. The rest of her gang was later killed by Barbara Kean.[1]


  • Expert markswoman: Silva appeared to be skilled in shooting weapons as she was able to train her gang to shoot perfectly aimed arrows into Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock's car.
  • Intimidation: Silva was a very intimating woman as she dressed as she wore very frightening face paint.


  • Handgun: Silva carried a handgun with her but was unable to use it as she was killed as soon as she armed herself.


Season 5


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