Pinewood Farms is the black ops program that carried out biological experiments for Wayne Enterprises, under Hugo Strange's leadership.


Pinewood Farms is the precursor to Indian Hill that is located upstate from Gotham City. As such, the work conducted as part of Pinewood closely resembles the work done at Indian Hill. In the immediate aftermath of the Wayne murders, the building that the Pinewood experiments were carried out in had been abandoned for ten years. Notable Pinewood experiments include Karen Jennings. Thomas Wayne snuck Karen out of Pinewood Farms and hid her in the woods somewhere until the day she met Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth. She did take them to the abandoned Pinewood Farms building where they were attacked by two operatives sent by Hugo Strange. Although Karen managed to kill them, the three of them are caught by the police. Lucius Fox later found an article about Pinewood Farms that had the names of those involved and their nicknames. Jim Gordon and Bruce discovered that Hugo Strange was nicknamed "The Philosopher" who Gordon suspects is the same one who The Lady contracted Patrick "Matches" Malone into killing Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne.[1]

According to Hugo Strange when he spoke with Jim Gordon, Thomas Wayne started Pinewood Farms to find the cure for life's ailments.[2]

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