"You know what makes a hero, son? A man who values protecting others above protecting himself. A man who knows his limits but isn't afraid to fail. A man who knows when to ask for help when he needs it. Now... I wasn't always that man, but damn, that didn't stop me from trying."
—Peter Gordon to Jim Gordon[src]

Peter Gordon was the father of Jim Gordon, the brother of Frank Gordon, and known to be one of the best district attorney in Gotham City.


Peter was a successful district attorney and a friend of mobster Carmine Falcone. He gave Falcone a knife for his birthday at one point in time, stating it would remain a friend longer than most people.[1]

At some point Peter and his brother Frank Gordon became members of the villainous Court of Owls, a secret society who have been operating in Gotham for centuries and trying to keep balance within the city. Peter began opposing the Court after he realized their true intentions.[2]

While driving with his son Jim Gordon one day, he was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident. Unknown to Jim at the time, the crash was no accident and was in fact engineered by the Court themselves.[3][4]

The supposed drunk driver Michael Ness was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. A high-priced lawyer hired by Carmine Falcone got Michael Ness' plea and Michael Ness was sentenced to six years in Blackgate Penitentiary where Michael Ness got his ticket punched in a prison stabbing a few months into his sentence.[5]


Years after his death, a man named Harvey Dent succeeded Peter as the district attorney of Gotham City.[6]

When Gordon was in the final stages of the Red Queen plant that Jervis Tetch exposed him to, he came across his father who was wondering why he isn't acting like himself. Upon Gordon telling his father about recent events, Peter gives him the talk that involves him remembering what the inscription on the ring said. Upon being brought out the hallucination by Mario Calvi, Gordon went through his father's belongings and found his ring which had the inscriptions "Dum spiramus tuebimur" (translated as "While we breathe, we shall defend") on it.[7]

When Gordon later confronted Carmine Falcone about the lawyer hired to represent Michael Ness, he denied any involvement in Peter Gordon's death and stated that Frank Gordon was the one who called the hit.[5]


"You have a hard head, James, just like your father. Don't be self-righteous. Don't be arrogant."
Carmine Falcone to Jim Gordon[src]

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