"Listen. Don't give up hope. I feel your sadness. I do. But you gotta choose life, you know?"
—Puck to Jim Gordon[src]

Peter "Puck" Davies was a prisoner at Blackgate Penitentiary who had befriended Jim Gordon during his imprisonment there.



Peter's sister was one of many children kidnapped by underlings working for the Dollmaker, however, she was rescued by Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock.[1]

Imprisonment at Blackgate

Peter "Puck" Davies asked a girl out on a date, a girl he described as beautiful. When she agreed, he felt she was "too good for public transportation" so he stole a car, "...Technically I borrowed it. I was going to bring it back after the date but the police didn't believe me". Peter was arrested and sentenced to six years at Blackgate Penitentiary. When Jim Gordon was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for the murder of officer Carl Pinkney, Peter tried to calm the situation down by standing up for Jim when he was being hassled by some prisoners, mainly one man named Weaver since Gordon had killed his younger brother while still on the job. Peter intervened on Jim's behalf because Jim had been the one to rescue his younger sister from the Dollmaker. Both Peter and Jim ended up in the infirmary due to the altercation. There, Peter told Jim why he was in there and that he wasn't going to end up like his grandfather who died while in prison. He said that he would get out of there and did not want to die in prison. Jim didn't want Peter to stand up for him or to be friendly with him because he felt it would put Peter's life to be in danger to be associated with him so he warned him to stay away.

After that first attack, Weaver was sent to the hole and returned later that day. After telling Gordon his day was coming and that he was a dead man he told him to "take a look at your boyfriend over there" multiple other prisoners started to attack Peter as Jim was held back by Co's and was forced to watch Peter get beaten and stomped on by the prisoners. Peter's attack was orchestrated only enrage Gordon into breaking the rules and attacking the other prisoners to help Peter, which would increase his prison time or more likely cost Gordon his own life. Peter ended up in the infirmary in which it was unlikely he was ever going to make it due to a clot condition. When Jim's death was faked with the help of Harvey Bullock and Carmine Falcone in order to break him out, Gordon retrieved Peter from the infirmary and helped him escape. After getting a taste of freedom, Peter passed away in the ambulance they escaped in.[2]


Season 2


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