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"After your tour of duty was up, we were caught behind enemy lines, taken to the darkest hell on Earth. Peña Duro."
Eduardo Dorrance to Jim Gordon[src]

Peña Duro is a prison that once housed Eduardo Dorrance and his fellow army soldiers.


Shortly after Jim Gordon left the military, Eduardo Dorrance, Ramirez and several other soldiers were captured by and imprisoned at Peña Duro. Left to die by the government, Eduardo became the sole survivor, later being rescued by "Theresa Walker" and giving him a new purpose.[1]

Former Prisoners




Season 5


  • In the DC Comics, Peña Duro is an infamous prison located in the Caribbean country Santa Prisca. The prison is best known as the birthplace of Bane, who was born and raised in Peña Duro, serving his father's prison sentence.
  • "Peña" is actually the Spanish word for "pain" while "Duro" is the Spanish word for "hard"


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