Patti was a subordinate of the Dollmaker.


Working for the Dollmaker

Patti was a loyal follower of the Dollmaker and worked for him as one of the people responsible for abducting homeless children to sell as slaves, using the Trident Intercontinental Shipping as a front. She captured many kids out of an alleyway by stabbing them with a pin in the back of their necks, using a drug called ATP to knock them out. She did so under the guise of a member of a Homeless Outreach Program organization headed by Mayor Aubrey James and lured the children towards her with a basket of sandwiches. Young homeless girl Selina Kyle escaped the scene, but Patti's partner Doug shoved one of Selina's friends Mackey through a restaurant window, injuring him.

Later, she was tracked down by the police to the warehouse of QuillanPharma leader Morry Quillan, who gave the drugs to the Dollmaker's minions. Detective James Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock tracked Patti and Doug down to Quillianformer and the two opened fire on the detectives when it became clear that they had found out about their plots. They escaped in a truck while Quillan was arrested. Patti and Doug later disguised themselves as bus drivers to head to a correctional facility in Upstate Gotham. The bus was full of rescued homeless children including Selina Kyle, who was clever enough to hide underneath the bus when it stopped in a warehouse. Patti was unable to find Selina after searching through the bus, so she instead said that she had miscounted. Gordon and Bullock later arrived after interrogating Quillian and saved Selina from Patti who found her hiding on top of shipping boxes. Patti, Doug, and those with them were arrested by the Gotham City Police Department.[1]


Season 1


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