A cane in the shape of a penguin head is the preferred walking aid of Oswald Cobblepot besides an umbrella. With a hidden knife in it, the walking cane can also be used as a nondescript weapon.


Oswald used the cane when he showed Ivy Pepper sketches for his new club, The Iceberg Lounge and afterwards cheerfully inspected the frozen Riddler.[1]

He also took the cane with him when he, Ivy and Victor Zsasz visited Barbara Kean at her weapon store to threaten her.[2]

After Edward Nygma was unfrozen and taken by Myrtle Jenkins, Cobblepot brought along his walking stick when he and Zsasz visited Jenkins at her apartment.[3]

Penguin relied on his cane during a confrontation with Edward Nygma at the Iceberg Lounge.[4]

A few weeks later, Oswald formed an alliance with Carmine Falcone and went to the Falcone Manor. Oswald brought along his cane and used it when he and Carmine confronted Sofia Falcone.[5]

Shortly after, Gotham City becomes a No Man's Land and all the villains start taking over sectors and territory. Cobblepot used his cane while he and two of his henchmen claimed Gotham City Hall as the property of their crime family.[6]

During the events of No Man’s Land, he later traded his cane in for a leg brace, presumably so he could maneuver around better.[7] However, the Penguin's cane made one last cameo appearance in a nightmare Jim Gordon had during the No Man's Land year, in which Cobblepot and Nygma were celebrating Gordon's death by singing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow.[8] Ten years later, he used an umbrella instead as a walking aide.[9]


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  • In the DC Comics, Oswald Cobblepot uses an umbrella-themed cane. The cane was presumably used to differentiate Oswald from his comic book counterpart and show he still fully hadn’t transitioned into the classic Penguin. In the series finale, he is briefly seen using the umbrella as a walking aide after getting the more traditional Penguin look.


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