The monocle is an item that Oswald Cobblepot wore following being blinded in the eye.


During the showdown with Eduardo Dorrance's forces, a grenade that was going to kill Edward Nygma went off, but Oswald protected Edward from the blast but lost his right eye in the process.[1]

Following Gotham's success in defeating Dorrance's forces and rejoining the mainland Oswald was given a new eye, (one that required a monocle to see properly), along with a new top hat. He would wear these two items after being released from Blackgate Penitentiary after serving a ten year sentence.[2]


Season 5


  • The monocle is a significant item worn by The Penguin throughout other mediums in the DC Universe. 
  • Oswald's father Elijah Van Dahl once used a monocle to see the fabric on one of his italian suits in the episode "Wrath of the Villains: Prisoners".
  • Penguin's monocle was previously foreshadowed in the episode "A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness". During his sentence at Arkham Asylum, a crescent-shaped wound was inflicted on Oswald's face right underneath his right eye, which looked visually similar to the monocle he would later wear on the same eye.


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