Old Gotham is a district in Gotham City. As the old town, the district was the location of the now destroyed Gotham Clock Tower.


When they were still a couple, James Gordon once took Barbara Kean to the Gotham Clock Tower in Old Gotham on a date.

Confronting Harvey Bullock and the GCPD, Jeremiah Valeska with his Cult gathered in front of the police station. Valeska then announced that he had hid bombs around Gotham City and stated if the cops were to do any harm to Jeremiah, the explosives will trigger. Thereupon, Jeremiah gave Bullock six hours to evacuate the city and then blew up the Gotham Clock Tower in front of their eyes in order to show that he was telling the truth.[1]

Old Gotham was visible on a map used by James Gordon, Harvey Bullock and Lucius Fox at the GCPD in order to retrace Jeremiah Valeska's plan.[2]

When Gotham City was declared no man's land following the Cataclysm, the Lo Boyz claim Old Gotham as their territory. It was also the sight between a three-way battle between the GCPD, the Cobblepot crime family, and the Sirens where Bruce Wayne managed to obtain the supplies without Oswald Cobblepot noticing.[3]



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