Odgen Barker was a nightclub owner and debtor of Carmine Falcone.


Debt to Falcone

Owing Falcone over $70,000, Odgen Barker refused to pay the money to Penguin when Don Carmine Falcone retired, as he felt his debt was forfeited. As such, Jim Gordon was sent by Penguin to collect the debt, though Barker insisted even more that he wasn't paying Penguin, as he'd only pay to Falcone. After the two argued over the debt, Barker ended the conversation by telling Gordon to walk away, eventually pulling a gun on Jim after the latter demanded that Barker handed over the large sum of money he had on his desk. Barker was told he had to the count of three, then he was disarmed by Gordon and punched in the nose, with Gordon running out of the club with Barker's money. Barker pursued Gordon, catching him in a parking garage, and shooting at him. Gordon returned fire, and Barker was killed by him.[1]


Season 2


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