"In my country, we have a saying: Even a fool will attempt to bite the king if he has teeth."
—Niko, advising Falcone

Nikolai was a Russian mobster working for Carmine Falcone and a secret lover of Fish Mooney. He was the leader of the Russian Mob.


Nikolai was openly antagonistic to Fish, but was secretly working with her on her bid to overthrow Falcone. After Falcone arrives at the Falcone crime family meeting, Nikolai believes that Falcone should hit Maroni back as he believed that Maroni thought his gang had won over the Arkham Project. However, Falcone refuses as he doesn't care what Maroni thinks. Nikolai then continues by delivering the standards in his home country, however, Fish then interrupts, expressing how things work differently in Gotham and also that his Mother must have been a lousy cook because Nikolai believed Women belonged in the bed's or in the kitchen. Soon after, Falcone silences them. [1] Nikolai was later killed by Sal Maroni's men, led by Frankie Carbone.[2] In retaliation for Nikolai's death, his men hit Falcone's money supply, with the funds being blown up by Butch Gilzean, leaving the Russians either dead or in police custody.[3]


Season 1


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