Narrow's Bar was a watering hole in Gotham City.


After her escape from Indian Hill and briefly being a part of Fish Mooney's gang, Alice Tetch got a job at the bar. She accidentally cut herself and spilled some drops of her blood on the counter. Although her boss told her to simply clean it up, Alice's blood was poisoned and highly dangerous, and not wanting to risk anyone infected she resorted to starting a fire in the kitchen, subsequently leading to the bar being burned down.

When bounty hunter Jim Gordon got a tip off from Selina Kyle about Alice's employment at the Narrow's he headed there, only to find the place destroyed. He is approached by the owner and a few thugs, who demand to know who he is. He inquiries about Alice and discovers the act she carried out. Although Gordon revealed that his client would pay for the damages, the angry owner and his underlings instead get into a fight with Gordon, who manages to subdue them, although ends up with a head injury after being hit with a bat.[1]


Season 3


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