"V8, five-liter, 460 horsepower engine. Painted matte black, anti-reflective, very difficult to see at night. Oh, and of course this... one hundred percent bulletproof. Best be prepared, eh?"
Alfred Pennyworth to Bruce Wayne[src]

The Mustang is a custom car that Alfred Pennyworth bought for Bruce Wayne as a birthday present. The car has been specially modified for use in Wayne's vigilante activities.


The Mustang has been painted matte black and anti-reflective which makes it difficult to see at night. The car is also bulletproof as well.[1] After getting the Kurdish dagger back with Selina's help, Barbara took off with the mustang after shooting one of the tires of Alfred's Rolls-Royce in an attempt to escape Bruce and Alfred's pursuit. The car was never to be seen again.[2]


The Mustang used on the show is actually the 2018 Mustang GT Premium Fastback with a V8 5.0L 460 horsepower engine, 20-inch x 9-inch Premium-Painted Aluminum Wheels, all digital LCD cluster and Active Valve Performance Exhaust.


Season 4


  • The car can be seen as the show's version of a proto-Batmobile. It was also referred to as "Bat mobile" by the official Gotham Twitter account.[3]
  • In realilty, the Mustang is notably produced by Ford, the same company that produced the Lincoln Futura Batmobile used in Adam West's 1960's Batman series.


  • Although assumed to be newly bought, the mustang can be seen to have had 7815.9 miliage already on the dash board in the scene when Bruce change the exhaust mode.



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