"I'm the only mother that boy knows. [...] When I found him, he was barely alive. Those animals out there, they would have killed him or worse. I taught him how to survive!"
—Mother to Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock

Mother is a mysterious figure residing in Gotham City.


Following Gotham City's isolation from the outside world and the city being plunged into darkness, Mother found a young boy whose parents were murdered by a gang. She then decided to protect him from the dangerous criminals that ruled No Man's Land and made him wear a creepy doll-like mask similar to her own one. At night, Mother and Orphan went to an old hotel where the duo murdered various civilians. Holding a vintage lantern, Mother approached the young boy in one of the hotel rooms, in which he was hitting a corpse with an axe. When she stood behind him, Orphan stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Mother.[1]

Three months later, Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock entered Mother's hideout with three children they had rescued from the Soothsayers. Shortly after they arrived, Mother appeared in the basement where she tried to murder Bullock with a knife, though he was able to knock her into a shelf, giving him the chance to evade her. Later, Orphan turned the lights on and off causing a flashing affect that made Harvey feel dizzy. Mother snuck up on Jim, but he knocked her down with one punch that also knocked her mask off. Mother claimed she saved the boy and taught him how to survive. She knocked Jim away and escaped through a wall.[2]


Season 4

Season 5


  • In the DC Comics, Mother is the sole survivor of a small village that was destroyed during a gruesome war. She is a villain who wants to make children stronger by forcing them to endure great tragedy. The character was created by James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder and first appeared in Batman & Robin Eternal #1 (December 2015).


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